Playing Instead Of Eating: The First Meal Together With The Baby

Food flies through the air. The spoon is turned into a vegetable catapult, and the porridge is used to cream the hands. Most babies don’t understand at first that mommy and daddy are not at all thrilled about this. Don’t play with food is, therefore, the first rule that is laid down when eating together at the table.

If the whole family sits together at the table for the first time, it is a wonderful event for the parents. However, eating with a baby can quickly become a challenge. After all, the little ones still have to learn table manners, and if something doesn’t taste good, they will shout or cry loudly. That’s why it’s important for parents to set an example at the table and establish firm rules.

This Is How The First Meal With Baby At The Table Will Be A Complete Success

What Are Table Manners? – Establish Firm Rules

Most babies are allowed to eat with their grown-ups for the first time at the end of the baby-feeding period, i.e. from the age of ten to twelve months. It doesn’t matter at what age your child is allowed to join you for the first time: It’s important that there are firm table rules for your little one, too.

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Even if your child looks pretty cute with porridge on his face, he needs to learn how to behave at the table and, above all, how to eat properly. At first, young children muddle around in their food a lot. Often, they just want to try out what you can do with a spoon and fork. Don’t be afraid to let your child try things out and practice the correct spoon swing, for example. Also, no child should be forced to eat something they don’t like.

However, throwing food, spitting all over the table, or smearing it on furniture and body should be taboo. Here it is important that you as a parent are consistent and communicate to your child in a friendly but clear manner what is allowed and what is not. Overall, the mantra is: With a lot of love and patience, your baby will settle in at the table. After all, everything is new and exciting for your little one at the beginning.

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Celebrate Food As A Shared Event

The first meal together and subsequent meals should be special. Take time for each other and celebrate the meal as a family event. For the child, it is a great experience to sit at the table with the parents like an adult, and he or she enjoys feeling part of the family.

Therefore, the TV should not be on while eating and the laptop or phone should remain in the study. A set mealtime helps ensure that everyone can be present at the meal. It also gives structure to your child’s day.

Parents Act As Role Models

Your child imitates what you do. Therefore, pay attention to your table manners and be aware that you have a role model function.

The Right Equipment Is Important

Your Own Place At The Table

For your child to feel comfortable at the table, he or she needs his or her own place. Unlike adults, your child cannot yet sit on a normal chair. For eating or other sitting activities, a high chair is best suited for baby and child. This can be adjusted with age and adapted to the size of the child. There are also special seat cushions for slightly larger children.

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Safe Spill Protection

One thing must not be missing at mealtime: The bib. The colorful cloth around your child’s neck ensures that you don’t have to mop the floor and clean your child’s things after every meal.

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