Police Use Tear Gas Against Refugees

In Greece, several hundreds of refugees tried to storm a border fence. The country of Macedonia has erected such a fence there on their border with Greece. In the process, the police then Tear gas used gas against the refugees.

Attempt To Storm The Fence

The country of Macedonia has closed its border and allows only very few refugees, all of them coming from Greece. Now the refugees wanted to storm the border and tear down the fence. They wanted to open the big gate in the fence with an iron bar. But the Macedonian police did not allow this and drove the refugees away with tear gas.

Situation Is Very Bad

At the moment, about 6,000 refugees, most of them from Syria, are stuck in Greece. They can’t go any further because the borders in countries like Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria are also closed and only a few refugees are allowed through every day. Most of them want to go either to Germany or Sweden. But above all, they want to get out of Greece quickly. They are there in a camp where there is hardly anything to eat and drink and people can only sleep in small tents and have to freeze at night.

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Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Tear gas irritates the eyes and mucous membranes. Tear gas is used by police forces, for example, to break up demonstrations or to fight riots.

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