Potty Instead Of Diaper – How Does The Change Succeed?

Still With Diaper, Or Already Without?

The diaper question arises for many parents at the latest when they start kindergarten.
But how do parents get their children to take off their diapers and tell them in time when they have to?

Pay Attention To Signals

There are signals you can use to tell when your child is ready to get dry.

1. “Mommy, What’s That?”

Children are observers. Adults are role models. At some point your child will express interest in toileting. Once this is the case, you can satisfy his curiosity.
Keep putting your child on the toilet without a diaper and demonstrate flushing.
It is the first step in the right direction.
Your child’s interest is a clear indication that he or she is on the road to becoming dry.

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2. “Mommy, I Have To Pee!”

If your child recognizes the connection between pressure and emptying the bladder, he or she will soon express this. Even if your child says nothing, there are other signs. For example, by nervously tapping back and forth. Ask your child calmly whether it must times. Above the play it can be that it forgets the toilet course.

3. The Diaper Remains Empty

If your child’s diaper stays dry for long stretches, or even overnight, he or she is able to control his or her urine enough to visit the toilet in time.

The Right Tools

Invest in a suitable potty, or toilet attachment with small stairs. Make sure it is stable so your child can use it on his own.
It’s important that it’s only used in the bathroom, so your child gets used to going there from the start.

Create A Routine

Just always put your child on the potty regularly, but only when it can be estimated that the bladder is full.
This will teach your child to think of it as part of his or her daily routine. Stay calm about it. If your child enjoys sitting on the potty, that’s great; if not, don’t push him or her.

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Explain The Process

You can explain to your child why he is sitting on the toilet and where his business goes. You can also go to the potty together and empty the diaper contents. Your child can now directly observe what is happening. If your child understands the meaning behind it and does something in the potty – great!

Conquering The Toilet

Once your child has become accustomed to going to the potty, it’s time to move on to the real toilet.
At first, your child may still need help with this.

Encourage Independence

Encourage your child to go to the toilet on his or her own. Or let them know when they feel they have to go. Then they can go to the bathroom together.
Independence in this area, can motivate potty-munchers. Children should not only be allowed to go to the bathroom on their own, but they should also be allowed to wipe themselves and flush. Then children realize: I can do it myself.

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Stay On The Ball

Parents, kindergarten and grandparents, everyone should pull together. Don’t take any backward steps and put on a diaper before going to town, so that nothing happens on the way. That way, your child will realize that yes, there is another way. So why should it bother to run to the toilet?

Stay Patient And Calm

It is quite normal that not everything goes smoothly right away. Little mishaps happen all the time. Stay calm and patient if something goes wrong.
At most, the toilet may be to blame because it was too far away. Stay calm if your child wants to investigate his or her business. It is difficult for children to understand that parents are happy when something finally ends up in the potty, and then when it is there, it suddenly has to go as quickly as possible. Explain to your child that it is a waste product of the body. Children understand this over time. After all, they don’t dig around in the garbage.

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Night Training

If you have managed to get your child to use the toilet during the day, it may still take time for him to stop needing diapers at night. So better save a few more. Tell your child that he or she can always call for you to go to the bathroom together at night. Alternatively, you can put the potty next to the crib at night.

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