Pregnancy Test Negative: Still Pregnant?

Pregnancy test negative. As a rule, a pregnancy can be determined very reliably with a pregnancy test. In the trade or also in pharmacies there are self-tests, which determine a pregnancy by means of the hormone HCG in the urine. This hormone is produced in a healthy woman’s body only during pregnancy and is, among other things, very important for maintaining the pregnancy. Immediately after the mature egg is fertilized, it secretes the hormone.

Among other things, it is responsible for the fact that no further eggs are formed and no further pregnancy can occur. But in the beginning the amount is still very low, only gradually it becomes higher and reaches its peak in the 12th SSW. From the 20th SSW onwards, it tends to be detected in small amounts in the urine. A pregnancy test may therefore even be negative under certain circumstances, although you are pregnant.

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The Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

If you are pregnant and the pregnancy test still turns out negative, this can have several reasons. Often, incorrect use is a reason for the negative test result. If you have had the pregnancy test for a while, make sure to store it at room temperature and check the test for defects beforehand. It is recommended to perform the pregnancy test immediately after getting up with the first urination. This is because after a long period of rest, the hormone is very strong in the urine. Women who work at night should therefore perform the test only after an extensive sleep break.

Also be careful not to hold the test in the urine for too long or too short a time. Also, the test may have been used too early, so that the HCG content is not yet sufficient to reliably determine pregnancy. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the test only when your period should normally occur. This is because the pregnancy test can be negative in some cases, although a pregnancy exists. With an early pregnancy test, the test can even be done a few days before.

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What To Do If Pregnancy Test Is Negative ?

If your pregnancy test is negative and there is a possibility that you are pregnant, you should definitely do the test again. But not immediately afterwards. Either wait until the time when your menstrual period should usually start and do the test right after you wake up.

If you are afraid that you will not be able to hold the test under the stream of urine, it may help to urinate into a container and then hold the test in for a short time. If the test is negative a second time, you can usually assume that you are not pregnant. If the test is positive on the second try, it is a good sign that you are pregnant.

If your period continues to fail and also does not start, this can have various reasons, which are not always due to pregnancy. Women who have stress, a cold, or emotional problems may also menstruate later due to this stress.

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Visit your gynecologist if your period does not start. He or she can use a blood test to determine whether you are pregnant or not, and also to find out why your period is not starting.

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