Prevent Stretch Marks Simply

During pregnancy, your skin is very stressed. Due to the growth of the belly, the skin also stretches and stretch marks may appear. With one woman the pregnancy is quite soon to recognize, with the other only very late. Therefore, how the belly develops and how it grows cannot be said individually for each woman. However, if the body starts to change, the belly grows and the woman gains a few kilos, stretch marks can quickly become noticeable. You can prevent stretch marks by intensive skin care during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks Not Only On The Belly

During pregnancy, not only your belly grows, but also your breasts. Early on, pulling and tightening is noticeable and for some women, the breasts produce pre-milk very early. The breasts also grow and the skin tightens. However, not only the breasts and abdomen are affected, but also the buttocks, legs and other areas of the body. Stretch marks can appear anywhere. Therefore, it is very important to focus on your skin care not only on the abdomen, but on your whole body. Using rich creams, lotions and oils will help your skin grow. Supportive moisturizers will also make stretching easier. Well cared for skin also regresses better after pregnancy. Remember, however, that you can’t completely prevent stretch marks, but you can keep them down by taking good care of them. Stretch marks do not disappear after pregnancy. They become lighter and silvery after some time.

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Prevent Stretch Marks With Good Care

There is no miracle cure for stretch marks, as they are caused by the rapid weight gain and the resulting stretching of the skin during pregnancy. Women who already had stretch marks before pregnancy will usually also have to struggle with them during pregnancy. You can also prevent stretch marks by keeping your weight gain low. This does not mean that you should starve yourself or not gain weight at all. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Avoid fatty and unhealthy foods. This is good for your body and also for your baby. This will also help you control your weight gain. Of course, exercise also helps, drink plenty of fluids and of course, don’t miss out on the important skin care. Make your skin care a daily ritual as soon as you are sure you are pregnant. For example, apply plenty of cream immediately after showering and also use a plucking brush or massage brush to better massage the skin care product into the skin. Through a gentle massage you promote the blood circulation of your skin and thus it also becomes firmer and can stretch more easily. In pharmacies or drugstores you can get good and also inexpensive care products that are tailored to the skin needs during pregnancy. These do not have to be expensive, but give your skin, what it needs. Well suited not only creams, but also lotions or even oils. But be careful! Use natural and mild oils and avoid essential oils. Certain oils can even cause premature contractions or other complications.

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