Problems With Latching On? How To Get Your Baby Used To Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world – yet many mothers find it difficult at first. Many mothers despair at the situation. They blame themselves because they are afraid of not being able to feed their baby sufficiently. But you can breathe a sigh of relief. Sucking at the breast is not so easy for newborns – usually, a little patience and practice is enough.

Breastfeeding Right After Birth – 3 Reasons For Latch-on Problems

  1. The birth is not only exhausting for mothers. The baby, too, must first recover from the physical exertion of birth. Suddenly it is no longer nice and warm and dark around it. All the sounds are louder now. That’s quite a lot of impressions that it now has to process first. After a few days and a little practice, your baby should get used to sucking.
  2. Especially medical interventions and medications, as well as premature births can influence the natural reflexes. This can quickly lead to problems with latching on. The baby is then usually supplied with healthy breast milk via a nasal tube until it is psychologically and physically ready to suckle.
  3. Anatomical reasons are also sometimes responsible for attachment problems. These can affect both mom and baby. For example, babies find it difficult to suckle if their lingual frenulum is too short. But particularly flat nipples can also be the reason for latch-on difficulties during breastfeeding. In this case, nursing caps are advisable. These not only protect the nipples from irritation caused by breastfeeding but also provide the baby with a perfect shape for sucking.
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Practice Makes Perfect!

Colostrum, the very first breast milk, is particularly valuable. For this reason, premature babies in particular, who are not yet able to suckle themselves, are often supplied with healthy breast milk through the nose using a small tube.

But don’t worry, after a normal and natural birth you and your baby should not rush. Most of the time you just need a little rest and patience and breastfeeding will work out.

Don’t expect it to work right away. Give your baby time to get used to breastfeeding.

How To Get Your Baby Used To Breastfeeding

Your baby has had an exhausting birth and now has to process all the new impressions. That’s why it’s time to cuddle extensively. The newborn should lie directly at your breast and within reach of the nipples.

Baby ans Stillen gewöhnen
used to breastfeeding

Here it can relax and enjoy mom’s warmth. At the same time, it can calmly get used to the new environment and sounds. The feeling of security is especially important now. Most newborns then suckle the nipple quite quickly. The next step is to practice sucking. After a while, most babies get the hang of it. So don’t put yourself under pressure and enjoy the togetherness with your baby.

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