Promote The Mother Tongue In The Child

Today, the children of the new generation are growing up with English as a world language as a matter of course. From music, books and series to advertising, it is hard to imagine everyday life without English. Many parents also focus on teaching their child English at an early age because of later career opportunities.

However, it should not be forgotten how important it is for children to learn their native language and master it perfectly. In order to speak fluently and without errors in one’s own language, it is not enough to imitate one’s parents.

Children benefit greatly from being able to repeat words and grammatical rules they have learned at school at home. Since today both parents are often working, German tutoring with Preply online is a great way to support the child in their learning process.

Why Is The Mother Tongue So Important?

Almost everyone today is at least bilingual and in many professions, knowledge of at least one other language is even required. However, just as important as mastering a language, such as English, which is globally recognized and spoken, is understanding one’s own language and being able to use it confidently. This involves much more than the learning ability that a child thereby demonstrates.

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Mother tongue is the language a child learns in early childhood without formal instruction. This is less about the person of the mother and more about the linguistic and cultural roots.

Language is a reflection of human development within a particular culture. Idioms, for example, reflect common values, but also beliefs.

Among experts, the term “first language” is often used. The decisive factor is above all that the child was in contact with the language at an early age and, above all, constantly, so that sounds and grammatical structures can be deeply imprinted. It is assumed that language acquisition begins in the womb.

The Mother Tongue As The Basis For Other Languages

Researchers confirm that the mother tongue plays a crucial role in the acquisition of a second language, such as English. It is the key to learning another language because it is not only part of identity, but also enables children to understand challenging content and express themselves fully according to their age

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The mother tongue is the driving force behind a person’s cognitive development until he or she perfectly masters another language. Therefore, parents should generally always speak their own mother tongue with their children.

If it is a family in which different mother tongues are spoken, the mother can speak a different language with the child than the father and one can agree on a family language. There is no need to worry about the child being overwhelmed.

Children, especially when they are young, find it very easy to learn a new language and can formulate grammatically complex sentences with ease. If words from different languages are mixed, this is not so much a sign of being overwhelmed as of the intuitive contact that children make between two languages.

Supporting Children Linguistically

Even if children grow up with German as their mother tongue, it can always happen that they have difficulties with what they learn in German lessons at school. While language learning was intuitive until then, it now follows a strict curriculum that often leaves little room for flexibility.

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This makes it all the more important for parents to ensure that their children have fun while learning at home. If you don’t have time to read books, play games and do other exercises with your child to help them consolidate vocabulary and understand grammar, you can turn to an online tutor for German tutoring.

It is also important to encourage the child and always be aware that German lessons require intellectual understanding as well as practical application

Most adults today can probably barely remember grammatical rules they learned in school, yet speak their native language flawlessly. In most cases, a little empathy and understanding is all that is needed to motivate a child.

How easy it is for a child to learn a language depends largely on the learning environment. The higher the expectations and pressure, the harder it is to learn and the worse the results.

Introduce A Second Language

If the focus on the mother tongue is not lost, it is possible to introduce a second language at an early age without any problems. From English or even bilingual children’s books, to children’s movies and learning apps, to small conversations in English in everyday life, there are many ways to introduce a child to a new language. After all, the brain of a three-year-old child works twice as fast as that of an adult.

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Instead of German tutoring, a child can of course take tutoring in a foreign language. The advantage of a tutor, no matter what language it is, is that he or she responds to the individual needs of the child and creates a specific curriculum. This makes learning a language a breeze.

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