Quit Smoking: Tips That Really Help

Smoking is harmful. You know that, but you still can’t stop smoking just like that. All good advice is forgotten when the first withdrawal symptoms come in the course of smoking cessation.

How strong is the physical withdrawal and how can you really become a non-smoker? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

Quitting Smoking Is Child’s Play – Say Non-Smokers

For convinced non-smokers, the question of the risk of nicotine abuse does not even arise. But if you want to stop smoking and give up the handle to the glow stick, you won’t really get far with the typical “non-smoker sayings”.

The fact is: quitting is not child’s play and is always accompanied by withdrawal symptoms and the supposed loss of a piece of quality of life. In reality, the quality of life increases as soon as the withdrawal symptoms are overcome and the smoker is over the hump.

You can do it if you motivate yourself and give yourself confidence. Unlike many other addictions, nicotine abuse is relatively easy to get under control –if you really want to.

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What Is Nicotine Abuse And How Do You Get Rid Of It?

The term nicotine abuse stands for the dependence caused by numerous substances in tobacco smoke. For most smokers, the physical dependence is not as strong as you might think at first glance.

Stronger and more seductive is the mental addiction, which is mainly related to habits and cherished rituals. In order to quit smoking and persevere, you must first admit your addiction and consider how you ritualize the cigarette.

Why Knowing You’re Hurting Your Health Doesn’t Make You Smoke-Free

Prognoses such as lung cancer and a shortened lifespan will not make a smoker quit. Why? Because even before reaching for a cigarette, the smoker is aware that he is not doing his health any good.

In terms of motivation to stop smoking and live smoke-free, constant lecturing about one’s health is not productive. Rather, smokers feel that their intelligence is being challenged by such speeches (which usually come from non-smokers).

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Smoking is an addiction that must be treated as such. Even if the potential for addiction is more mental, a flippant approach in conversation with a smoker can lead to the opposite reaction of the desired action.

Without Discipline And One’s Own Will, No One Becomes A Non-Smoker

There is no miracle cure by which one can stop smoking and conquer nicotine abuse. One’s own will is the basis for anyone who wants to quit smoking and become smoke-free.

In second place is discipline, as the path requires a lot of consistency and holds some risks for setbacks. This makes it all the more important to break habits around smoking and set a firm goal.

Want To Quit Smoking? These Tips Will Help

Goal setting is at the beginning in the fight against nicotine abuse. If you want to quit smoking and put the glow stick to bed once and for all, you should not put off your wish and its implementation.

Tip: All those New Year’s resolutions are pointless. Because if you don’t quit today or tomorrow, you’ll never stop smoking and will always find a reason for the next cigarette.

A Fixed Date Is The Basis

Set a date when you want to stop smoking and renounce the addiction. The closer the date is, the greater your chances of success. Therefore, it is not worth talking about next month or the month after, or reporting in the summer that you want to stop smoking next January.

If you have a firm will and desire to quit smoking, you might as well quit today or tomorrow. The success rate with quick and consistent decisions is many times higher than with “push-itis”.

You are pregnant? Then now is the right time to quit smoking. Because as we all know, smoking during pregnancy is harmful to your baby.

Smoking Accessories Must Be Out Of Sight

Ashtrays, lighters and, of course, cigarettes must be removed from the environment. Practically, you should put away everything that reminds you of smoking. This also applies to things with which you associate a ritualized grip on a cigarette.

For example, if you smoke with your first cup of coffee in the morning, break this ritual. This is not really difficult. You can take a different cup, drink your coffee in a different place (in a different room) and create a significant change in habit.

Distraction Is The Best Cessation

If you want to quit smoking and escape nicotine addiction, you need a lot of distractions, especially in the beginning. Think about the situations in which you reached for a cigarette. Because these are the moments when you now do something else.

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It doesn’t have to be the big things and tasks. It is important that you distract yourself and cover the moment of desire for the glow stick. You will see that soon you will not even think about smoking, provided that you are serious about your will to become a non-smoker.

Quitting Smoking Deserves A Reward

You have survived the first day without smoking? The nicotine abuse is getting to you, but you have stayed strong? Then you deserve a reward! A good and helpful tip is to save the money you used to spend on cigarettes.

If you used to smoke a pack a day, you can put 6 EUR in the non-smoking money box. You will be amazed how quickly you will save a delicious dinner with your loved ones or even a short trip. And all because you no longer spend your money on cigarettes.

Sport Instead Of Smoking: One Option Out Of Many

It’s a fact. Most smokers can’t explain to you why they smoke. Rather, they just do it. Most often they smoke because they are bored and to pass the time.

You can do sports, go for a walk or be active in any other way. The main thing is that you keep yourself busy and get creative out of the moments of doing nothing. In terms of quitting smoking, sports have proven to be a very good “alternative”.

Ask Smoking Friends And Family Members For Support

If you want to quit smoking and give up the addiction, it is especially difficult in a smoking environment. You should not be afraid to ask family and your immediate environment not to smoke in front of you.

This is especially important in the first few days, as the withdrawal symptoms are there and the cravings for the ritual of smoking are great. Without support, the relapse rate is high.

Tip: If, contrary to expectations, your family does not join in, withdraw for the first few days of your smoking cessation and avoid other smokers.

The Smokers’ Corner And Traditional Smoking Places Are Taboo

In the company, when going out and even at home there are traditional smoking places. The fact is that you should not spend your breaks in the smokers’ corner. The smell of cigarettes, but also the view of your smoking colleagues would weaken your will and tempt you to smoke yourself.

Instead, treat yourself to a short walk during your lunch break: for example, to the nearest snack bar, where you can treat yourself to something tasty.

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Break Through Rituals And Quit Smoking

Every smoker has a thousand good reasons for reaching for the cigarette stick. The cigarette with the morning coffee, the cigarette while waiting and the nicotine after the meal are probably the best known and most frequently celebrated rituals.

Rituals are automatisms that you can and must consciously break. You can stop smoking at any time. It does not matter whether you are an occasional smoker or a heavy smoker. You just have to want to and get through the first days of nicotine abuse.

Tip: You finally want to get pregnant? Then smoking may also be to blame for the fact that it has not yet worked out with the offspring.

The Eternal Game With The Cigarette Afterwards

Why do you smoke after a meal? Why do you automatically reach for a cigarette when you drink coffee? You won’t be able to name a reason, and that’s how it is for all smokers. It is nothing more than a habit that has become automatic in the course of your life and has become a ritual.

Go for a walk after dinner, drink your coffee without reaching for the pack of cigarettes (which is no longer on the table)! You will see that the consequence is worth it and that you will have reprogrammed your brain within a few days.

Why Withdrawal Symptoms Are Okay

An important point that worries you and that can limit your consistency is the fear of withdrawal symptoms. You need to know that physical withdrawal from cigarettes lasts only a few days.

If you have survived this period and remained strong, nothing stands in the way of a life of non-smoking. Accept the side effects of not smoking and see the withdrawal symptoms as something positive. They are a sign that your body is getting rid of nicotine.

With smoking, withdrawal is more psychological. Physical withdrawal symptoms like shaking or sweating are controlled by your brain and are psychosomatic. The biggest problem is the desire for a cigarette, which you must not give in to with any excuse in the world.

Smoking Cessation Needs Consistency And Perseverance

“Just one.” This is a typical saying of smokers who want to interrupt your smoking cessation. It’s not meant badly, but it’s more than counterproductive for your plan. “None”, must be your answer.

Only with consistency and abstinence will you reach your goal and avoid relapse. Most smokers relapse a few weeks after they quit smoking, thinking they are “cured” and that a puff or a cigarette can’t hurt.

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Stop Smoking: Can Nicotine Abuse Be Interrupted With Aids?

As you can see, there are several ways to become smoke-free. But the basis of all measures is your willpower, without which the best tips will not bring success. To quit smoking and become a non-smoker in the future, you must be strong and truly willing.

Many smokers fail because of their own overestimation of themselves and think that they will do no harm with a cigarette after the first cessation. Note: In company and with a glass of wine the cigarette “tastes” especially good. This does not mean that you should avoid company and be lonely.

Find people who also do not smoke and surround yourself with them. You will find that quitting smoking is more successful in the company of like-minded people. If you have a tendency to smoke more in combination with alcohol, you should also give up wine.

Why Nicotine Patches And Chewing Gum Don’t Really Help

There are a number of smoking cessation aids available in pharmacies. Certainly nicotine patches and nicotine gum can help temporarily. But to really become a non-smoker and get the nicotine out of your body, you should not reach for these aids.

The nicotine-containing products may alleviate the desire for a cigarette, but nicotine still enters the body – now through your skin. Shifting your nicotine intake is counterproductive in perspective and unnecessary if you want to quit smoking out of conviction.

Hypnosis And Smoking Cessation – Does It Help?

Opinions differ on this point. There are certainly smokers who no longer smoke after hypnosis. But keep in mind: hypnosis is expensive and there is no guarantee that you will stop smoking through it.

Also, the danger of invading your subconscious mind should not be underestimated at all. If you don’t believe in hypnosis, you are spending the money for nothing. The same is true if you go to a therapist with little experience or a less reputable reputation.

Most Substitute Gratifications Are Counterproductive

Don’t seek substitute satisfaction in the form of sweets. Most smokers gain weight during cessation not because they quit smoking, but because they reach for chocolate or gummy bears instead. Distraction should be accompanied by activity and a reprogramming of your thoughts.

How And Why Even Heavy Smokers Can Quit Smoking

Nicotine takes only a few days or weeks to completely disappear from your body. You can quit smoking as an occasional smoker as well as a chain smoker. If you want to do it intensively and commit yourself to it, you will definitely succeed in quitting.

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