Quite A Nasty Computer Virus Discovered

A few days ago, a really nasty Trojan horse (also Trojan horse) was discovered. This Trojan or computer virus is called “Rombertik” and is currently doing its thing. Many computer users are currently very scared because of the many reports about this computer virus and fear that it could destroy the computer.

Do Not Panic And Stay Calm

Despite the warnings, it is important to stay calm and not panic. You can easily protect yourself from the “Rombertik” Trojan. Everyone can easily protect themselves from the virus by always distrusting emails from unknown senders, with unclean or grossly incorrect grammar or suspicious phrasing, and deleting them unread if in doubt. Children, you should remember that unknown attachments from emails with unknown senders should never be opened. You should also not simply click on links in unknown emails, but simply delete these emails. If you then also have a good Anti-virus program installed on your computer, hardly anything can happen.

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What Does “Rombertik” Do?

Rombertik targets Internet data: The malware hacks into the browser records all activities and reads sensitive user data. The infection with Rombertik follows a well-known pattern. The Trojan is spread by Spam and phishing emails. To infect their PC with Rombertik, users have to download, unzip and open email attachments. According to experts, these mails are cleverly disguised and not immediately recognizable as a deception attempt.

Explanation Of Difficult Words

Trojan horse or Trojan horse is the name given to malicious programs that sneak onto computers. These Trojans can paralyze an entire computer, or simply spy out data from the computer. If a Trojan is detected on a PC, then it must be removed very quickly by a professional.

An Anti-Virus Program is software designed to detect, block and, if necessary, remove known computer viruses, computer worms, and Trojan horses.

Spam emails are the term used to describe unsolicited messages, usually transmitted electronically, which are sent to the recipient unsolicited and often contain advertising content.

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With Phishing emails malicious people try to obtain the personal data of an Internet user and thus to find out his identity and then to defraud him. The aim of the fraud is, for example, to use the data obtained to commit account looting or to make purchases in the user’s name and harm the relevant persons.

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