Radiant Heaters For Babies: That’s Why You Should Look Carefully When Choosing Them

Love and warmth – these are probably the most important things that parents can give their baby. With regard to the optimal development of babies, it is certainly first and foremost about physical closeness and security. But the cuddly, cozy warmth that only a radiant heater can give the baby is also important here.

A radiant heater above the changing table or above the bed is now part of modern baby equipment. However, there are certain things you should know before buying.

Warmth Dispenser For The Changing Table: Radiant Heater Or Heat Lamp?

The dear little ones can’t even form goose bumps yet, so their parents could tell if their offspring might be cold. With a radiant heater above the changing table, you can eliminate these doubts and fears from the outset and flexibly create a cozy atmosphere in the baby’s room.

Whether after getting up, after bathing, when changing diapers – in the most diverse situations of everyday life, your baby lies half-dressed or completely naked on the changing table or in its baby bed.

Children are very sensitive to cold during the first months of their lives. The only way they can tell if they might be cold is by crying or screaming. In order to take precautions and create a pleasantly warm ambience right from the start, you are well advised to use a radiant heater or a heat lamp for the baby.

The ideal temperature for babies in a room is around 23 to 25 degrees. This is the optimal feel-good climate for the little ones. However, this does not mean that you have to ensure that this temperature prevails in the entire room while your child is being dressed or changed.

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This would certainly cause heating costs to skyrocket. Such a waste of energy would also be an absolute no-go in terms of the environment. A radiant heater or heat lamp for the baby is therefore the ideal purchase.

Why a radiant heater for the baby is indispensable and what possibilities a heat lamp offers the baby – this and much more you will learn in this guide.

Which Is Better: Radiant Heater Or Heat Lamp For The Baby?

Both the radiant heater for the baby and the heat lamp offer the possibility of being able to offer the additional heat needed exactly at the time and in the direction where it is needed.

If you have set up a separate changing table in the baby’s bedroom and in the parents’ bedroom, a radiant heater or heat lamp for the baby should be available in both rooms. At the touch of a button and within a few seconds, your little treasure will be able to enjoy a wonderful, soothing warmth.

Children sometimes feel uncomfortable when they are half undressed or completely naked on the changing table. But as soon as they feel the pleasant warmth on their skin, their mood usually changes.

Those who have not yet had any experience with a radiant heater and have therefore not yet discovered its benefits may be inclined to buy a cheap unit first. Simply to try it out and find out what benefits a radiant heater can actually offer the baby.

Don’t Just Buy Any Radiant Heater For The Baby

Sometimes, according to the motto: The main thing – a heater, radiant heaters are purchased, which in retrospect turn out to be completely useless and even dangerous. Radiant heaters for the baby, which are offered at the lowest price, usually take a long time until the air is finally heated to the point where the ideal temperature is reached.

Waiting for this to happen can be annoying. After all, your offspring will certainly hardly be so patient and want to wait so long in bed or on the changing table until the wet diaper is finally removed.

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When buying modern radiant heaters for the baby, you should know that not every model actually radiates the heat to the full extent on the changing table. Even if you feel the heat on your face or hands while changing diapers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby will feel the same pleasant warmth. In addition, some inexpensive radiant heaters are so inferior in terms of their material quality that the manufacturers have built in some kind of protection.

Not All Radiant Heaters For The Baby Are Well Thought Out

To protect the radiant heater for the baby from possible overheating, devices of this type often turn off after a short time. This means “danger of cooling down” for your child.

Because parents do not always notice in time when they have to switch on the radiant heater for the baby again. Not to mention, it takes a while again afterwards until the desired temperature level is reached.


Time and again, many moms and dads unplug the device after the radiant heater has turned itself off. In this way, parents want the radiant heater to switch on again more quickly so that their little one does not freeze or even get hypothermia.

The problem with such an approach, however, is that the heater basically has to cool down completely first. Therefore, it can take a while until the comfortable temperature level is finally reached again.

Apart from that, unplugging the device may cause it to overheat. With the consequence that harmful vapors are secreted by the implemented plastic or paint parts.

In some cases, it is even possible for parts to become deformed or for the heating tube to explode. A considerable potential danger for babies.

Infrared radiators – The Modern Alternative To Radiant Heaters For Babies

An infrared radiant heater for the baby provides heat at the touch of a button. Within a few fractions of a second, your little bundle of joy will feel a pleasant warmth – from head to toe.

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A separate, lengthy preheating is not necessary. This saves you time and money, and you also benefit from a high level of safety. Because the modern technology of such devices is sophisticated and highly functional.

A radiant heater with infrared technology not only provides a pleasant warmth, but the soft, reddish light also has a very calming effect on the little one. Depending on the model, you can expect the temperature at the changing table to increase by about four to five degrees Celsius from one moment to the next.

This Is Why A Radiant Heater Is So Important For The Baby

  • The average room temperature in the living room and kitchen is around 21 to 22 degrees Celsius.
  • The temperature in the bedroom should be between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius.
  • In the bathroom, temperatures usually range from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, temperatures of around 18 to 22 degrees Celsius are de facto too cold for your baby when it has just come out of the bathtub or is about to be changed.

The little ones are very sensitive to cold and can therefore quickly catch a cold. To take precautions, you should prepare the area on the changing table in good time and keep it nice and warm. A radiant heater for the baby succeeds this extremely well.

The warmth that a radiant heater offers the baby is targeted and feels extremely good. If the room in which you are changing or bathing your child is too cool, it would take too long to generate an adequate amount of heat without a radiant heater for the baby.

Therefore, the purchase of modern radiant heaters for the baby is definitely worth it. Because you can increase the temperature level by up to four or five degrees with just one click. And you can do it literally in the blink of an eye, without the hassle of waiting.

What Is The Difference Between A Heat Lamp And A Radiant Heater For Baby?

If you need an additional source of heat for your baby so that he is always exposed to a pleasant temperature when dressing and changing, especially in the cooler season, you can choose between different options. Among other things, there are the following devices:

  • Radiant heater for the baby.
  • Radiant heater.
  • Heat lamp.
  • Infrared radiator.
  • Quartz radiant heater.
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Quartz radiant heaters are the classic among the heaters in this product category. They belong to the lower price range and are generally not recommended. Compared to the modern, high-quality radiant heater for the baby, the heat lamp is somewhat smaller.

It is ideal for heating smaller areas. Most often, a heat lamp works by means of infrared technology. This unfolds its cozy warming effect only when it hits the child’s body.

Compared to some radiant heaters for babies, heat lamps emit far less carbon dioxide or CO2. Small drawback: In contrast to the radiant heater for the baby, the energy costs for heat lamps are relatively high.

Radiant heaters at the baby at the changing table can be mounted both on the wall above the changing table, as well as on the ceiling – depending on the height. But if you want more flexibility, then there is the option to buy so-called stand radiant heaters for the baby.

These are supplied with a special stand, so you can freely decide where the device should be placed. Whichever heater variant you choose, the installation is generally very easy and can be done in just a few steps.


Radiant heaters for the baby offer the advantage not only in the cool season that your little treasure is always warm and cozy. Whether after bathing, getting dressed or changing diapers, children who are cold are sometimes cranky and instinctively associate being on the changing table with something negative.

But not so when they feel comfortable there, because they have it nice and warm and cozy on the surface. Loving attention and a few cuddles from mommy and daddy increase the feel-good factor even more.




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