Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy – To Be Used With Caution

Raspberry leaf tea is a well-known remedy. Both in pregnancy, as well as in preparation for a possible pregnancy, it is often recommended. But what exactly does raspberry leaf tea do during pregnancy? What is to be considered? You can find out here.

What Does Raspberry Leaf Tea Do During Pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers are recommended by their midwives to drink raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy. Maybe this has already happened to you. But why does it have to be raspberry leaf tea?

Raspberry leaf tea has been used in gynecology for centuries. A high content of vitamins and minerals, such as iron and calcium cause its positive effect. Raspberry leaf tea is said to be helpful during pregnancy and even in preparation for childbirth.

In fact, it is said to regulate an irregular cycle. It is even said to promote fertility. However, only if it is used in the first half of the cycle.

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When Can I Take Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Will raspberry leaf tea help me get pregnant? You may have asked yourself the same question. However, the tea alone will not help you get pregnant. It can only contribute to it and support your body.

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Especially many women benefit from the numerous applications of the so-called miracle tea. Raspberry leaf tea has an extensive healing effect on many complaints that affect the menstrual cycle, postpartum, pregnancy and even the desire to have children.

In principle, there are three phases in which you can take the tea:

Desire To Have Children

Raspberry leaf tea promotes blood circulation in the pelvic area. It detoxifies the uterus and prepares it for implantation of the egg and pregnancy. Thus, when you drink raspberry leaf tea, you are supporting the development of the uterine lining.

Raspberry leaves contain a lot of vitamin C and a rich amount of calcium, iron and magnesium. These ingredients can have a positive effect on your cycle and also help to build up the uterine lining. Should fertilization of the egg occur, this can promote implantation.

In general, the tea has a very relaxing and antispasmodic effect, which can also help you to get pregnant quickly. It also relieves cramps during menstruation.
Because stress is actually one of the main factors why pregnancy just won’t work out.

During Pregnancy

The green leaves of the raspberry bush are used, among other things, for their many healthy and especially healing properties. In naturopathy, the tea is generally used against many ailments.

The raspberry leaf tea is said to prepare pregnant women for a gentle birth already during pregnancy. It is considered particularly effective due to its effect during pregnancy, as it can thus provide pregnant women with a stress-free and relaxed birth.

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Scientifically, the mechanism of action of the miracle tea is not yet clear. Nevertheless, some studies show that regular use in the last weeks of pregnancy leads to a shortened duration of labor.

In general, the birth is supposed to be experienced more painless and less problematic by raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy.
Thus, experience shows that the effect of the tea proves to be very helpful during pregnancy and a facilitator in the birth process.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea For Birth Preparation

Many women are recommended the tea especially for birth preparation. However, the pregnancy should have already progressed to the 37th week of gestation. It is said to help make the birth easier and also shorten it. Raspberry leaf tea is said to relax the uterus and pelvic muscles and help open the cervix.

Since the tea is also said to have labor-promoting properties, pregnant women are advised not to drink it before the 34th week of pregnancy. However, you should generally discuss the dosage with your midwife.

Raspberry Leaf Tea in Pregnancy – Side Effects

As mentioned above, it is indeed the case that science does not yet have precise data on the effect of raspberry leaf tea.
However, in 2009 at McMaster University in Canada, a higher risk of raspberry leaf tea for the unborn child was determined by means of animal experiments. In the study, it was found that the offspring from the experimental series later had a longer pregnancy and earlier reproductive development.

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Thus, adverse long-term effects from the ingestion of raspberry leaf tea were demonstrated for the first time.
The rule here is. The dose makes the poison. You will meet people who will strictly advise you against the tea and just as many will tell you about their positive experiences with the intake of raspberry leaf tea.

You can seek advice from your doctor, pharmacist or midwife. They will be happy to advise you and tell you about the right amount of dosage.

Note: Although the tea is said to have a calming and relaxing effect, it can also contribute to some negative effects:

– Promotion of blood circulation.
-Relaxation of the uterine and pelvic muscles.
-Opening of the cervix.
-Premature labor.

How To Prepare Your Own Raspberry Leaf Tea!

Buy it or make it yourself? You can buy the tea in pharmacies or drugstores, but homemade still tastes best! Here are our recipes for your raspberry leaf tea:

Raspberry Leaf Tea With Dried Leaves

– Bring water to a boil.
– Put a small amount (1 to 2 teaspoons) of raspberry leaves in a cup and pour it with the boiling water.
– Now let the tea steep with the lid closed (about 5 to 8 minutes).
– Then strain it in a sieve and drink it pure or sweetened with honey.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea With Fresh Leaves

– Choose three fresh leaves – depending on your taste you can use a little more or less leaves.
– Rinse the leaves under cold running water.
– Cut the leaves into strips.
– Bring water to a boil and pour it into a ceramic mug.
– Add the raspberry leaves, stir once, and then cover the mug with a lid or saucer.
– Let the raspberry leaf tea steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
– Transfer the tea to another mug, pouring it through a small strainer.
– The tea now smells of raspberries and has a slightly sweet taste.
– Depending on your taste, you can now enjoy the finished tea with honey or sugar or unsweetened.

Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy – Does It Really Help?

If you want to drink raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, you should be aware of the following: its effect is not scientifically proven and is based only on assumptions and experience.
As you already know, raspberry leaf tea can have a calming and relaxing effect. However, raspberry leaf tea can also have a labor-promoting effect and contribute to the opening of the cervix.

You should discuss whether and how much tea you can drink with your doctor or midwife to avoid any side effects.



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