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Angel-Vacuum – Guidebook

Angel-Vacuum – Guidebook

At first I was very unsure. The idea of connecting my baby to the vacuum cleaner scared me off. But after the first test I was quickly reassured!

Kim Riehl, mother & editor


The Angel-Vac nasal aspirator effectively helps rid your baby of unwelcome nasal secretions. And it does so gently and softly. Although at first, it sounds a bit daunting to connect the little baby’s nose to the vacuum cleaner, it works flawlessly. The Angel-Vac adjusts the suction intensity to the appropriate suction power and regulates it during suction.
The price-performance ratio is absolutely convincing. For those who find the Nosiboo too expensive, the Angel-Vac is the perfect alternative.


  • Nasal vacuum cleaner as an attachment for the vacuum cleaner
  • Soft suction head
  • Clinically tested
  • 18€


✅ Suitable for standard vacuum cleaners

✅Soft suction head

✅ Reduces the suction force to that of a blow dryer

✅ Clinically tested


❌ For Vorwerk vacuum cleaner you need special (and somewhat more expensive) attachment

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