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The 8 Best Baby Carriages – Guidebook

You want to determine the exact weight of your child and find out if it is within a healthy range? Then a suitable baby scale can be just the right product for you. Whether you choose an analog or digital scale, both will help you determine your baby’s weight accurately. So that your baby doesn’t get restless during weighing and perceives this as a relaxing experience, different music functions can help to calm your baby.

To help you choose the right baby scale, we have created a suitable checklist for you. Afterward, you can also take a look at our product recommendations. There you will find different models of baby scales.

Checklist For Baby Scales

Design and Display
  • Baby scales are available as flat scales and bowl scales.
  • The flat scale has a straight surface and thus also allows weighing of larger babies.
  • The bowl scale is slightly raised on the sides and prevents the baby from rolling down.
  • With both models it is always necessary that you do not leave the baby without supervision.
  • You can choose between analog and digital display.
  • Most baby scales have a digital display.
  • Analog displays are not quite as accurate.
  • It is interesting to take a look at the storage area. Width and depth are indicated here. On average, the values are 55×30 cm.
Maximum Weight and Measuring Steps
  • Check the maximum weight your baby can weigh on the scale.
  • The average maximum weight of baby scales is 20 to 25 kg.
  • The measuring steps indicate how accurate the results are.
  • There are scales with measuring steps of 10 g.
  • But there are also scales with measuring steps of 5 g.
  • There are also differences in the units of measurement.
Additional Functions
  • When buying, pay attention to the power supply. Most baby scales work with battery, but there are also variants with power supply.
  • The tare function allows for a particularly accurate result when measuring.
  • With the automatic switch-off , electricity and energy can be saved.
  • An additional scale on the scale allows you to determine the body length.
  • A removable tray is much easier to clean.
  • With an anti-slip function, the baby scale stands more firmly. The baby scale must always stand on a level surface to ensure safety.
  • Some models can also be converted into a parcel scale.
  • For a better comparison of data, you can see if the scale stores the last weight.
  • Special baby scales offer music to soothe the child while weighing.

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The Best Sellers Of Baby Scales

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Current Offers For Baby Scales

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a baby scale?

With the help of a baby scale, you can accurately weigh your baby and determine its weight. Many baby scales resemble a bowl from which your child cannot fall out.

How much does a baby scale cost?

Baby scales are available for different purposes in different price ranges. Scales for home use cost between 40 and 70 euros.

Can I borrow baby scales?

You can borrow baby scales from many pharmacies. However, you usually have to pay a certain rental fee. If you need a baby scale more often, you should buy your own baby scale.

How often do I have to weigh my baby?

This always depends somewhat on the development of the baby. If it has problems gaining weight, the weight should be checked regularly. If the development of the weight is good, your baby does not need to be weighed regularly.

What types of baby scales are available?

You can choose between flat scales and bowl scales. The latter is particularly suitable for optimally securing your baby, as the sides are raised. So it can not fall out. With flat scales you can also weigh older babies, because they have a straight surface.

How heavy can a baby scale be loaded?

A baby scale should usually not be loaded with more than 25 kilograms, otherwise the scale may not work or may break.

In which measuring steps is the weight indicated?

Baby scales usually indicate the measuring steps in 5 or 10 g.

What are the dimensions of the storage surface?

The width and depth of the storage surface should be 55×30 cm so that your child can lie optimally in the tray.

What additional functions are there?

If you can remove the tray, it is also much easier to clean. Scales that play music are sure to please and soothe your child. Anti-slip features are also good so that the scale has a stable stand. An automatic switch-off can also be useful so that you don’t waste electricity unnecessarily.

Which is better: analog or digital display?

Digital displays have the advantage that they give a very accurate value Analog displays, on the other hand, are usually not very durable and often quickly show damage or malfunctions.

How are baby scales operated?

Baby scales are powered either by an AC adapter or batteries. Therefore, note that baby scales with a power supply always need a power outlet nearby.

How long can a baby scale be used?

You should only use a baby scale until the maximum weight for the scale is reached. Otherwise, you risk injuring your child or jeopardizing the stability of the scale.

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