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The 9 Best Baby Monitors – Guide

With the help of a baby monitor, you can always make sure that your child is doing well. If he cries or behaves abnormally, you can immediately intervene and calm your baby. Baby monitors therefore not only help to monitor your baby but can also calm you down, as you can always see your child on a small screen or hear it through the device.

However, since there are many different models with different functions, we want to provide some clarity with the help of our checklist. Our product recommendations can also be very useful for you. Here you can compare many baby monitors with each other.

Baby Monitor Checklist

Baby Monitor Type
  • There are analog devices that have no more than eight channels. They are particularly inexpensive to purchase.
  • Analog devices can be easily intercepted from the outside and have a higher susceptibility to interference.
  • They are considered to have lower radiation levels than digital variants.
  • Digital devices are more resistant to interference and offer very good voice quality.
  • In some cases, they can automatically change channels in the event of interference , but they are somewhat more expensive to purchase and are considered to emit more radiation.
  • The range indicates the distance over which signals can be sent.
  • Within an apartment, a range of 50 meters is sufficient.
  • If you want to use the baby monitor in the garden or on the terrace, it needs a greater range of about 300 meters.
  • Note that the range is reduced by walls.
  • Choose between baby monitors with and without a camera.
  • The quality of a baby monitor with a camera plays an important role.
  • Pay attention to the information on how well the camera can display the image in the dark.
  • The night vision function is a great help.
  • For communication, an intercom function can be helpful.
  • Some models are equipped with music.
  • The quality of the music plays a big role, as does the choice of songs.
Safety and Sensitivity
  • In terms of sensitivity, various settings are possible. Here we talk about an adjustable sensitivity . This is especially useful when there are different noise sources in the environment.
  • There are models that are very sensitive. However, these also react strongly to other noises.
  • If the sensitivity is low, the baby monitor will start later.
  • The transmission method should be tap-proof. The manufacturer refers to this separately. Digital devices ensure greater security in this context.
  • Thus, data protection can be guaranteed.
Power Supply
  • You can choose between mains plug and battery or rechargeable battery.
  • Some models also allow both variants.
  • In some cases, the power supply is only with a mains plug.
  • You are more flexible when traveling with a baby monitor with battery or rechargeable battery.
  • Pay attention to the charging time and battery life, so you know when you need to recharge.
Additional Features
  • Depending on the model, the baby monitor may offer additional features.
  • Some versions are able to measure temperature in the room.
  • By measuring the temperature , you know if it is too hot or cold.
  • A vibration alarm can also be possible.
  • Here, information is given not by a sound, but by vibration.
  • This is useful if you have other children asleep and do not want to wake them.

Recommendable Baby Monitors

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Baby monitor advice

Which baby monitor suits me? Find the right model in 3 minutes!

There is a wide range of baby monitors on the market – with a camera, without a camera, with and without breathing control and thus there are offers in different price segments. It is not so easy to decide on the right one. That’s why I’m not only giving you my top 5 baby monitor recommendations here but also want to help you decide which one is right for you.

I find that there are two basic types of baby monitors – with a camera and without a camera. Type A would like to have a baby monitor with a camera so they can always see what the baby is doing. Type B is satisfied if the baby monitor has a sound transmission and various other functions that support the baby’s sleep. Which type are you?

Baby monitor with camera?

You are type A

Many parents feel safer buying a baby monitor with video surveillance because they can see what their baby is doing at all times. But even here, manufacturers have different priorities, which I would like to show you with two baby monitors from my top 5 recommendations.

The NUK Eco Control + Video baby monitor

The NUK Babyphone Eco Control + Video combines all the functions of a normal baby monitor and adds a high-resolution camera. The image is transmitted to the parent with a color 2.8 Toll screen. The night vision function ensures sufficient image quality at all times.

But the NUK baby monitor offers even more. Through the room-temperature sensor, it monitors the temperature in the nursery and, if necessary, notifies parents when there are fluctuations that could disturb your baby’s sleep. The Full Eco Mode of the baby monitor from NUK reduces radiation to a minimum, as well as power consumption. The NUK Eco Control + Video baby monitor is a real all-rounder and offers good value for money despite its slightly higher price.

The Samsung SEW-3041

The Samsung SEW-3041 is slightly cheaper than the NUK baby monitor, but it also only offers the most important functions of a baby monitor with video surveillance, which is, however, completely sufficient for some parents.

The advantage of the Samsung SEW-3041 is a flawless image transmission even through several rooms to the 4.3-inch monitor of the parent unit. This and the integrated after function enables a clear picture at all times. The clear sound transmission via the intercom function is also a great feature of the Samsung baby monitor.

The Samsung baby monitor is suitable for parents who would like to have a baby monitor with a good video function and can do without bells and whistles, such as a night light or a lullaby function.

Baby monitor without camera?

You are type B

Three of my top 5 recommendations are suitable for type B: The Philips Avent Dect SCD 580/00 baby monitor, the Dräger Dreamguard baby monitor, and the Angelcare AC403-D. However, since these are three fundamentally different baby monitors, the question is once again what you value.

Do you want all the features at a good price-performance ratio?

If you want to do without the camera, but still want all the functions that a baby monitor has to offer, I recommend buying the Philips Avent DECT baby monitor SCD580/00.

The Philips Avent Dect SCD580/00 is a true price-performance winner and has also already been awarded first place by Stiftung Warentest. Parents are pleased with the battery that lasts up to 18 hours and the clear sound transmission of the intercom function. The Baby’s sleep is optimally monitored with a humidity sensor and the room temperature sensor.

The baby monitor also supports you and your baby’s sleep with a beautiful starry sky projection, a night light with dimming function, and an MP3 lullaby function, with which you can individually choose the songs for your baby to fall asleep.

You would like to be on the safe side with breathing control?

Many parents worry about sudden infant death syndrome due to respiratory failure. But with the Angelcare AC403-D and the Dräger Dreamguard, they can now leave the nursery with peace of mind when their baby is asleep.

The Angelcare baby monitor includes a mat that can be placed under the baby’s mattress to monitor breathing. In doing so, you can determine how sensitive the device should react. However, it is important to note that the Angelcare baby monitor can only reliably check your baby’s breathing if it is a standard mattress for children and the mat is not disturbed by breathing noises from family members in the same room.

The Angelcare baby monitor also has a room temperature sensor, motion detector, vibration alarm and night light to ensure your baby’s peaceful sleep one hundred percent.

Another reason that speaks in favor of the Angelcare baby monitor is that it is the lowest-radiation baby monitor on the market, and this is especially important since it is right in bed with your baby. The Angelcare AC403-D is therefore the perfect baby monitor for parents who want to be completely safe.

The Dräger Dreamguard baby monitor not only detects the sleeping position of your baby but also monitors the movements of the chest and abdomen. At the same time, it transmits your baby’s sounds. The wearable sensor is attached to the baby’s clothing. It works like a fitness tracker and detects even the smallest movements of the baby.

The receiving station, i.e. the parent device, is easy to operate and transmits the acoustic and visual signals. The range to the receiving station is about 100 meters – depending on the environment. As an alternative to the receiving station, however, the practical smartphone app can also be used, making the Dräger Dreamguard baby monitor a flexible companion.

The Dreamguard baby monitor is intuitive, flexible to use, and alerts parents when there is a lack of movement, but at the latest when the baby has not breathed for more than 20 seconds. A real recommendation for parents who want to be on the safe side.

Baby monitor info

Why do I need a baby monitor?

Many people surely ask themselves why they need a baby monitor at all. The answer is simple and logical: so that you can be flexible and leave the room without worrying about your baby or checking every two minutes if everything is okay. A baby monitor not only allows you to sleep more peacefully at night if your baby is sleeping in another room but generally gives you the security of knowing that you can hear him crying, even without leaving all the doors open. This, in turn, means that you don’t have to sneak around the apartment when your baby finally falls asleep.

I myself made the mistake of believing that it would work without a baby monitor and made the purchase as soon as my daughter was born so that I could be completely at peace when she finally fell asleep.

So a baby monitor is a wonderful device that gives you the freedom to do what you want without worrying, while your baby sleeps safely in his crib.

Digital or analog?

There are two different transmission types for baby monitors – analog and digital. Both types of transmission have advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the living situation and your own preferences. To make it easier for you to decide which baby monitor is more suitable for you, I have collected some information about the transmission types.

Analog baby monitors

Analog baby monitors consist of a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. The transmission is manually selected from one of eight radio channels. Nowadays, most parents choose not to use an analog baby monitor because interference often occurs when other devices in the vicinity also transmit radio signals.

In the open air, analog devices have a range of up to 300 meters. In an apartment, the range depends on the thickness of the walls, among other things. A range of up to 60m is possible here.

The most important advantage of an analog baby monitor is the low radiation exposure compared to a digital device. Mostly they are also cheaper and easier to use.

Digital baby monitors

DECT or FHSS radio technology is usually used for transmission in digital baby monitors, the same technology that is used for smartphones, for example. The digital transmission method is usually interference-free and also tap-proof. Most baby phones automatically select the channel for transmission that is free of interference and has the best sound. This is why digital baby monitors are generally easier to use than analog models.

The range here is up to 500m in the open field, which means that even inside apartments and houses, the range is somewhat higher than that of analog devices.

The electromagnetic radiation is problematic here, so it is advisable to make sure that the baby monitor has ECO mode to reduce the radiation exposure as much as possible. A digital baby monitor should also be placed at least one meter away from the crib.

What you should look for when buying a baby monitor

As you have already noticed, everyone attaches different importance to the various functions of baby monitors. But there are also criteria that play a role in every baby monitor and I would like to explain them to you in more detail here, so that you can definitely find the right baby monitor for your needs.

The most important criteria are:

  • Minimum radiation
  • (Battery) runtime/power supply
  • Choice of functions

Minimum radiation

Since the baby monitor is located directly in the vicinity of your sleeping baby, you should definitely make sure that the radiation from the baby monitor is as low as possible. Therefore, most baby monitors have been equipped with the Eco mode, which not only saves the battery and saves electricity, but also reduces the radiation to a minimum. The absolute winner among my top 5 baby monitor recommendations in terms of radiation is the Angelcare AC403-D, as it works in analog and thus has a lower radiation exposure than other baby monitors. However, this does not mean that digitally working baby monitors have to be avoided, because they are also far below the limits according to Stiftung Warentest and are therefore harmless.

Runtime and power supply

In most cases, the baby monitor unit located in the nursery is powered by a mains adapter, as it does not need to be moved from the spot. For the parent unit, you should make sure that it also runs on battery power. This way you can always carry the baby monitor with you, even if you are on the move a lot. In this case, a baby monitor with a belt buckle is also a good option, so you can easily attach it without always having to carry it by hand.

The runtime of the baby monitors depends on how often it is “used”. Most baby monitors only transmit sound or images when the baby makes a sound or moves and are otherwise in energy-saving mode, which means that the battery life can vary.

The choice of functions

It’s really difficult to choose the right baby monitor, so I hope I could help you with my top 5 baby monitor recommendations and deciding which baby monitor type you are. Basically, baby monitors can be differentiated according to price and, to that end, the range of features.

The big question that arises is usually first whether you would like a baby monitor with integrated camera or whether the pure noise transmission is enough.

The next step is the scope of other functions. You should ask yourself how important additional functions such as the lullaby function, a night light or the room temperature sensor are to you. Many parents are very satisfied with the basic functions in the form of sound transmission, as this fulfills the most important purpose of baby monitors, while others feel safer with a variety of helping functions. For very concerned parents, baby monitors with breathing control are a good choice, such as the Angelcare baby monitor.

FAQ Baby Monitors

What is a baby monitor?

The baby monitor is a device that can transmit sounds of your child via radio. This way you can intervene at any time if your baby makes itself heard or is very restless.

How long can a baby monitor be used?

You can use a baby monitor as long as you think it is right. There are no special guidelines here. However, as soon as your child becomes more independent and no longer needs to be changed regularly, you can safely put the baby monitor in the corner.

How much does a baby monitor cost?

A baby monitor can cost up to 100 euros or more. In our product recommendations, however, you will also find cheaper devices starting at 20 euros.

When is a baby monitor needed?

There is no general answer to this question. Whether you want to use a baby monitor is usually up to you. If your house is relatively large and you can not constantly monitor your child, the use of a baby monitor is certainly useful.

How does a baby monitor work?

The baby monitor has a transmitter and a microphone. Sounds can be transmitted to your second device via radio technology.

What is the range of a baby monitor?

Indoors, the range can be up to 50 meters. However, this is only a guide value. You should always read the manufacturer’s specifications carefully and also take into account that the range can be reduced depending on the thickness of your walls.

What functions does a baby monitor have?

Among other things, you can choose a model with or without a camera. The infrared function allows you to see your baby even at night. An intercom system ensures that you can also answer your baby and calm it down immediately. Additional functions, such as playing music, can help your child fall asleep. Some devices are even able to measure the temperature in the room.

What models of baby monitors are available?

There are analog and digital baby monitors. However, analog models are very susceptible to many types of interference, so you may not always be able to hear your baby’s sounds well. However, they do not emit too many beams. With a digital phone, you can usually hear your baby better. However, the radiation is often much higher.

How is a baby monitor operated?

There are several possibilities. You can either buy a baby monitor that you connect to a power outlet or choose a battery-powered device. There are also models that run on batteries. The latter baby monitors are good to take with you when traveling, because they are not tied to the power supply.

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