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The 8 Best Babywearing Jackets For Moms – Guidebook

When you want to take your baby for a walk, the stroller or buggy can sometimes be quite annoying and often unwieldy. A baby carrier can solve this problem, as you can easily carry your baby in it. However, to keep your baby warm enough on colder days, the material plays a big role when choosing such a jacke.

To help you find the right baby carrier jacket for you, we have created a suitable checklist. In our product recommendations, you will find great examples of ay jackets for mothers. So you can soon transport your baby safely and relaxedly!

Checklist Babywearing Jackets For Mothers

  • The cut sizes for Babywearing jackets are based on the commonly worn clothing sizes. Depending on the model, they can be slightly larger or smaller.
  • When choosing a baby carrier jacket, it is therefore sufficient to first orientate yourself on your own usual clothing size.
  • Babywearing jackets for babies and moms are available in both pure fleece and fleece-cotton blend. The great advantage of fleece is that this material is highly insulating and therefore keeps warm in winter even with a thin layer.
  • Wearing jackets made of cotton sweat fabric are suitable for the transitional period, because they are warm, but not waterproof. The advantage of cotton fabric is its optimal breathability.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, there are carrying jackets with cotton lining and shell outer material – ideal for long walks in wind and weather
  • If you plan or want to take longer walks with your baby even in rainy weather, a softshell carrying jacket with a water column of 10,000mmm is a good choice. It keeps both your baby and you wonderfully dry.
  • To keep your baby warm on cooler days, you should choose a baby carrier jacket with an integrated baby hood.
  • When choosing a baby carrier, make sure it has a large enough opening for your baby’s face so that he or she can be carried comfortably.
  • In order not to freeze on cold days, some models offer a shawl collar, which warms the neck and neckline.
Additional Features
  • Because of their casual cut, designed for growth, babywearing jackets are already suitable as a garment during pregnancy. If you choose a model that can do both during pregnancy, you will save on the purchase of an exclusive baby carrier jacket.
  • A good carrying jacket that offers a maternity function can be recognized by the additional inserts that allow for exact adjustment.
  • If you want even more function, you can choose a babywearing jacket that is adjusted exclusively via inserts and becomes a normal jacket after pregnancy and wearing period.

Here you can find the top 8 most popular babywearing jackets.

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The Best Selling Baby Carrier Jackets

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FAQ About Babywearing Jackets

What is a baby carrier jacket?

A baby carrier jacket is similar to a conventional jacket. However, your baby will also find space underneath it, so that both of you are sufficiently protected from any weather conditions

How does a baby carrier jacket work?

With a baby carrier, you always carry your baby close to your body and can intervene immediately if he or she is not feeling well. In addition, your bond is strengthened because you maintain very close physical contact with your child. The carrier ensures that your child sits securely and has a good hold

How do you dress a baby under the carrier?

Of course, your baby should neither freeze nor sweat excessively. Therefore, make sure that your child is not dressed too thickly, but do without additional warming clothing. Instead, it is sufficient if your child wears tights and a long-sleeved top

How big should a baby carrier be?

As a rule, you can orient yourself on your normal clothing size. However, every garment is different. Therefore, it can also make sense to choose a size larger for the right comfort

What kind of material does a baby carrier jacket have?

A baby carrier jacket is usually made of fleece or has a small cotton content. The advantage of such jackets is that you and your baby are nice and warm even in winter. Cotton sweat fabric, on the other hand, is more suitable for the transitional period, as the fabric is relatively thin. But on warmer days you will not sweat in such a jacket, because it is breathable. Softshell jackets defy wind and weather, which is why they are suitable for walks in the rain. Pay attention to a water column of 10,000mmm, so that the rain can not harm you and your child

How should the jacket be cut?

The carrying jacket should be cut in such a way that your child can still look closer at its environment. Sometimes an integrated hood can also be advantageous, so that your baby is well protected in all weather conditions. So that you are also warmed at all times, some models have a shawl collar, so that you do not catch cold in the cold

What additional features does a baby carrier jacket have?

There are some carrying jackets that you can already wear during pregnancy. These can be adjusted further and further as needed. You can then continue to wear them after the birth, if they can be adjusted exactly to your body

How much does a baby carrier cost?

A carrying jacket usually costs between 20 and 100 euros. The price usually depends on the material you choose

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