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The 9 Best Diaper Bags – Guidebook

A diaper bag is the best thing to have if you want to have everything your baby needs on the go. A normal spacious handbag or a good backpack do not fulfill the purpose of a diaper bag. This is because it usually always has a mobile changing mat with it, a compartment for wet wipes, or even a wet wipe dispenser and insulated bottle pockets. It also trumps its robustness and is often extra waterproof.

But when it comes to such a long-term investment, deciding which model is now the right one is sometimes not so easy. That’s why we’ve picked out 5 diaper bags or diaper backpacks for you, all of which have a lot to offer. To help you choose the right one for you, our checklist will also help you.

Diaper Bag Checklist

  • Because traveling and being on the road with baby requires carrying a lot of things, a diaper bag with sufficient volume is a must.
  • Diaper backpacks usually offer about 25 liters of packing volume, which is distributed among the numerous compartments.
  • In order to have all the things that are needed on the road with the baby already at hand, diaper bags and diaper backpacks have a clever division of space through many different compartments.
  • Coated compartments allow dry and wet diapers to be stored separately from each other.
  • Diaper bags with a separate insulated warming/cooling compartment make it easy to carry drinks at the ideal temperature wherever you go. Here, you should make sure that the insulated compartment closes as tightly as possible to minimize temperature loss.
  • Other interesting design details such as a key finder, USB port or secret compartment make the diaper bag an all-rounder and save carrying a second bag for your personal belongings.
  • Diaper backpacks have, depending on the model, additional handles to carry it quickly to another place.
  • Some models also include a shoulder strap, which can be used to convert the diaper backpack into a shoulder bag.
  • To guarantee optimal comfort even for longer trips, the diaper bag or diaper backpack should have individually adjustable shoulder straps. An additional padding on the straps also protects against unpleasant pressure points.
  • Diaper bags equipped with additional stroller hooks can be attached to the stroller, which further increases comfort on the go.
  • To ensure that the diaper bag is ready for years of use, durable materials are required. Waterproof twill polyester fabric is ideal for you if you’re looking for a diaper bag that will not only do its job for a long time, but also stay beautiful for a long time.
  • However, polyester fabrics are so suitable not only because of their high tear resistance, but also when they can be easily washed in the machine and then be like new.

We have compiled the best and most interesting diaper bags. You can find the list of our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Diaper Bags

In a list of best-sellers, we have compiled the most popular diaper bags for you.

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Current Offers On Diaper Bags

You can find the best current offers on diaper bags in this list.

Diaper Bags Advice

Which diaper bag fits me?

With a diaper bag, you have everything you need for your baby on the go. But there are several different models on the market, so the decision is difficult. I am sure that my top 5 recommendations include the right diaper bag for you. To find out which type of diaper bag you are in, you only have to answer one small question.

Do you want a diaper bag or a diaper backpack?

If you prefer handbags, then a diaper bag is just right for you. That means you are type A. You like it a little more feminine and if the bag is too heavy, you can easily attach it to the stroller.

Type B would rather have a comfortable changing backpack, which is especially practical when you are out and about for longer periods of time. But don’t worry, you don’t have to make any deductions in terms of design here either.

You Want A Diaper Bag?

You are type A!

Diaper bags are true space wonders and there are now a variety of bags with great designs so that there is something for everyone. The advantage: Even if you no longer need a diaper bag for your child, you can take the diaper bag as a handbag. The Lässig Green Label Neckline Bag, the Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag, and the Babymoov Style Bag fit type A.

The Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag

The Green Label Neckline Diaper Bag from Lässig can be used as a handbag with short handles and also as a shoulder bag thanks to the shoulder strap. With the accompanying holder, the diaper bag from Lässig can also be easily attached to the stroller.

It offers a main compartment and a removable compartment wall with two elastic pockets, three slide-in pockets, a zipper compartment, a changing mat, a thermal bottle holder, a utensil handbag, a key ring, and pocket mirror, everything you want from a diaper bag and offers ample storage space.

Thus, the Green Label diaper bag is not only stylish but very thoughtful and a practical companion for on the go.

The Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag

The Yummy Mummy diaper bag is perfect for all those who like it colorful and yet do not want to sacrifice functionality. Because the Yummy Mummy is the organizational talent among my top 5 diaper bag recommendations. It can be used even after diaper time still wonderful as a handbag.

In addition to a spacious main compartment, the Pink Lining diaper bag has several compartments for utensils and even includes two insulated pockets for bottles. It’s perfect for everyday use and holds a lanyard, pen holder, and even a removable pocket mirror for moms. It is also the only bag with metal feet, which protects it from dirt.

The Babymoov Style Bag

The Style Bag from Babymoov looks like a normal handbag and is available in several appealing patterns.

In addition to the main compartment, the bag offers a pacifier pocket, an insulated bottle pocket, and a changing pad. Thus, the Style Bag combines a pretty and compact appearance with functionality.

The Babymoov Style Bag can also be worn as a shoulder bag and easily attached to the stroller with the suspension. A great diaper bag that convinces with a good price.

You Want A Diaper Bag?

You Are Type B!

You’d rather have a diaper backpack because it’s comfortable to carry on longer trips? Many fathers also prefer a backpack instead of a diaper bag. That’s not a problem, because there is now a great selection of diaper backpacks, and the advantage: most can be easily converted into a shoulder bag or handbag with an accompanying strap. If you are type B, then take a look at the Babymel Robyn diaper backpack and the Type diaper backpack from Lässig.

The Babymel Robyn Changing Backpack

The Babymel Robyn diaper backpack is actually for everyone because it can also be worn as a shoulder bag, handbag, or cross-body.

It offers plenty of storage space and great accommodations. The spacious main compartment contains two slip-in pockets for diapers, with an elastic band at the opening. It also contains a bottle compartment and a wet wipe dispenser, which I think is very handy on the go. In an extra zipper compartment, your valuables will find a safe place.

The multi-talent also proves itself in the different designs. When buying can be selected not only the color but also the material. Since really everyone will find the right Robyn diaper backpack for themselves.

The Lässig Tyve Diaper Backpack

The Type wrap backpack comes in a modern casual paper touch look. The material is not only particularly lightweight and durable but also sustainable. The coating makes the Type from Lässig particularly water-repellent.

The diaper backpack from Lässig has a thoughtful interior layout with useful accessories. These include a repellent changing mat, a removable bottle holder, a transparent plastic pocket for storing wet things, and an extra compartment for wet wipes. Parents’ smartphones will also find a suitable place in the integrated cell phone pockets. Thanks to the shoulder strap, the diaper bag can also be used as a shoulder bag, and with the stroller suspension, your shoulders are relieved.

Diaper Bag Info

Why do I need a diaper bag?

Parents can’t avoid changing their little darling on the go. To be able to store all utensils sensibly, a diaper bag is ideal, because it was developed specifically for this and offers enough compartments and storage space.

Unlike normal handbags, diaper bags usually have many different compartments in which the individual utensils can be neatly stowed, so you do not have to search when the time comes. Many diaper bags also have special compartments for accessories, such as moisturizing wipes, an integrated changing pad, and a holder so that it can also be conveniently attached to the stroller. This leaves room in the basket for shopping.

Accordingly, a normal handbag is less suitable than a diaper bag, but a diaper bag is very suitable as a stylish handbag.

A diaper bag is, therefore, a sensible purchase, especially if you are often on the road. Most are beautifully designed and can when the child is bigger, still, be used as a handbag and are also super suitable for hiking trips.

Checklist: This belongs in a diaper bag!

When traveling with a baby, you need to be prepared for all eventualities. Therefore, there are some things that should definitely find space in your diaper bag. The list also shows again how important a diaper bag is, in which everything can be taken along in an orderly fashion.

  • Changing mat
  • Diapers
  • Wet wipes
  • Wound cream
  • “Emergency” change of clothes
  • Rations
  • Bibs
  • Pacifier

I myself always had a little cap for safety, because it can be windy even on nice days. Also, the favorite toy may not be missing most of the time.

What should I look for when buying a diaper bag?


Before you take a closer look at a diaper bag, you should first clarify the most important question: Diaper bag or diaper backpack? That depends entirely on your preferences. Many are happy to take a visually appealing diaper bag, which they can even use later as a normal handbag in everyday life. Others prefer the practical diaper backpack, this applies especially to fathers, but also parents who like to transport their baby in a sling.

With both designs, you should also think carefully about which color scheme is right for you. There are great stylish diaper bags and backpacks in a wide variety of colors. But if you don’t want to worry about whether your outfit matches the bag every time, it’s better to go for a plain, monochromatic diaper bag.

Storage space

Diaper bags are characterized by storage space because that’s exactly what parents need who want to have everything important with them for safety. Make sure that the bag offers you different compartments for the different utensils.

For diapers, compartments with a rubber closure are ideal and a compartment for the bottle, preferably insulated, is also advantageous. So that you don’t have to carry your own handbag, it also makes sense to have a secure zippered compartment for your valuables. Through the division into different compartments, all utensils find their own place, so you do not have to search long. So even with a full bag, everything remains neat and sorted.

It is particularly practical when the individual accessories can be removed so that the diaper bag can later serve as a normal handbag.

Easy care

As with most products that are bought for a baby, the diaper bag should be easy to care for and washable if possible. Because especially the diaper bag is used on the road on the most diverse surfaces, on public toilets, or on forest floors. It should therefore be wipeable or, in the best case, machine washable. Particularly practical here is the model Yummy Mummy, which protects the bag with its metal feet from dirt.

FAQ For Diaper Bags

What belongs in diaper bag?

Not every place has a suitable changing mat (often not available at all or not hygienic). Therefore, the diaper bag should either have space for one or contain an integrated version. Disinfectant is also practical. Otherwise, of course, you need the accessories for diapering and the disposal of used diapers (diapers, garbage bags). Cosmetics and creams are also important: baby powder, wound protection and oil should be able to be stowed away. Add to that wet and dry wipes, food and/or bottles, maybe a pacifier, and a change of clothes. If there is room, you can also pack a stuffed animal or teething ring, depending on individual preference. Sloppy bibs and/or burp cloths are also important

Diaper bag like handbag?

There are diaper bags in the different designs. So there are backpacks and shoulder versions. However, there are also models that are reminiscent of the style of a common handbag or a normal backpack, or hardly distinguishable from them

Which diaper bag?

In a diaper bag, some details are very advantageous. These include: Coated compartments, insulated heat/cold compartment, key finder, USB port, padded shoulder strap as well as stroller hooks. Also, your diaper bag should be made of polyester.

How long do you need a diaper bag?

As a rule, a diaper bag is useful as long as your child is still wearing diapers. But even after that, a diaper bag can be helpful for carrying food, drink and other items.

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