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The 10 Best Gauze Cloths – Guidebook

Even if gauze cloths may seem inconspicuous at first, they are essential in everyday life with baby. Gauze cloths are cloths for every situation. You can use them when your baby spits up or throw them over your shoulder for burping to catch milk residues.
But gauze cloths are also ideal when you’re on the go, as their size means they fit in any bag. In addition to breastfeeding, you can also use them as a pad, blanket, cloth diaper, stroller cover, or for swaddling.
As you can see, gauze cloths are not only essential, but also really versatile and have many advantages.
So, what are you waiting for? Among our top 10 recommendations is certainly the right gauze cloth for you.

Checklist For Gauze Cloths

  • Gauze cloths, also called gauze diapers, are an essential part of the baby’s first equipment.
  • Classically, gauze cloths are used as spit-up cloths when the baby has to burp or spills.
  • When breastfeeding and bottle feeding, you can wipe away small accidents directly with the cloth.
  • Since gauze cloths are very soft, your baby can also cuddle with them.
  • Large gauze cloths are also suitable as a nursing cloth. You can use them to cover your breast and your baby while breastfeeding in public and provide privacy.
  • Some babies sleep better when they are wrapped tightly. You can either puck your baby in a special pucksack, or you can learn this technique with a muslin cloth.
  • In the summer, you can use a muslin cloth as a loose blanket or fix it over the stroller or car seat as a sun sail.
  • Never cover the face directly with a cloth, there is a danger of suffocation!
  • You can also place a gauze cloth over the changing mat and use it as a soft carpet pad.
  • Gauze cloths are made of cotton and are very absorbent.
  • Characteristic is the large-mesh weave.
  • Gauze cloths are boil-proof, i.e. washable at 90 degrees, as well as suitable for tumble-drying.
  • This ensures that the cloths are hygienically clean after washing.
  • Look out for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification (free of harmful substances)!
  • Most often they are square, less often gauze cloths are rectangular.
  • The standard sizes are 70 x 70 centimeters and 80 x 80 centimeters.
  • There are also smaller and larger gauze cloths.
  • Choose the size that suits your use.
  • For swaddling you need at least 80 x 80 centimeters.
  • As a burp cloth smaller gauze cloths are sufficient.
  • Gauze cloths are available in white, but also in many different colors and color combinations.
  • Mostly you get gauze cloths in a set, which are sometimes color-coordinated.
  • As burp cloths for everyday use, white gauze cloths are sufficient.
  • If you also want to use them as a cuddly blanket or as a base for the changing table, colorful designs are ideal.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular muslin cloths.

Tip: As soon as your child can move independently, we recommend a corner and edge protector.

The Best Sellers Of Gauze Cloths

We have compiled the most popular gauze clothes.

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Current Offers For Gauze Cloth

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the gauze cloths.

Gauze Cloths

Type A: Plain gauze cloth

My Recommendation

If you want a muslin cloth with a decent look, I recommend the muslin cloths from Bornino, Makian, and Zöllner. The gauze cloths from Makian and Zöllner have the advantage that they are boil-proof and you can wash them at 95 degrees and they are also available in packs of 10. But how do you want to use the gauze cloth, do you want your child to be able to spit in the cloth?

If you want a gauze cloth with which you can also spit up your child, the model of Bornino is best suited, because it has the largest dimensions with 120×120 cm.

Type B: Colorful muslin cloth

My recommendation

If you prefer a nice gauze cloth with motifs, I recommend the gauze cloth from Fillikid and the one from Grünspecht. The model from Grünspeckt convinces with its dense weave, which makes it particularly durable.

Gauze Cloth Info

How To Find The Perfect Gauze Cloths

What do you need gauze cloths for?

Gauze cloths, also called gauze diapers, are square cloths made of fabric. Due to the characteristic weave, they have received their name, because this resembles that of gauze bandages. These cloths belong to every baby – first equipment and actually, you can not have enough of them.

Nursing burp cloth

When breast

On the road

Pucktuch when sleeping

Some babies sleep better when they are wrapped in a cloth that fits tightly around their body and reminds them of the feeling in the womb – this is pucking. There are pucksacks for this purpose, but with a little practice, you can also swaddle your child with gauze diapers. It is best to ask your midwife to show you how to do this.

Gauze cloths as cloth diapers

Some parents prefer to use cloth diapers as an alternative to traditional disposable diapers. With a special diapering technique, a gauze diaper can be wrapped tightly around the baby. An additional gauze cloth as an absorbent pad provides additional security in the applied diaper.

How Many Gauze Cloths Do I Need?

Since in the beginning something often goes wrong and you still breastfeed your baby often, you actually can not have enough gauze cloths. After all, it’s more hygienic if you have a new burp cloth ready at a moment’s notice. So that you do not have to constantly wash laundry, you should always have a few gauze cloths on in the Petto. I recommend that you buy at least 10 gauze cloths and stock up as needed.

What Should I Look For When Buying?

The perfect muslin cloth is comfortable, functional, and durable. Actually, there are not many things you need to look out for. It is important that the muslin cloth is made of pure cotton, is absorbent, and large enough.

100% cotton

Absorbency: Gauze cloths that are double woven are particularly convincing, as they are especially absorbent.


The Right Size – The Purpose Is Important

If you want to use the gauze cloth only as a burp cloth when breastfeeding and not as a puck cloth, then you can also reach for smaller cloths. But for use for pucking and as a cloth diaper, large gauze cloths are essential. For hygienic reasons, of course, you should not use the same cloth like a diaper, burp cloth, and burp cloth

But with large cloths you are quite flexible because you can still spontaneously decide on a special use. Most moms use gauze cloths mainly to catch sudden vomiting and spitting up of breast milk. Also smeared baby mouths, or food remnants can be removed very quickly. For this purpose, all gauze cloths are suitable and you can choose at will.

Can The Gauze Cloths At 90 ° C In The Washing Machine?

Pay attention to the washing instructions, which are attached to the gauze cloth, there is usually 60 ° C as a washing recommendation. When washing at 90 ° C, there is a risk that the colors may fade. However, this should not be a problem with white gauze cloths.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How many gauze cloths do you need?

That depends on the purpose for which they are to be used. If you use the gauze cloth for burping, breastfeeding or feeding, you should have 10 cloths at home. If your baby is to be diapered, you will need at least 20 gauze cloths. However, if your baby is only spit up, 3-5 gauze cloths are sufficient. Always remember that gauze cloths can also be washed.

Which gauze cloths are the best?

Especially popular with super customer reviews are especially gauze cloths of the brands Clevere Kids, Makian and Grünspecht.

Gauze cloths: what is it?

Gauze cloths are square-shaped cloths made of soft, cuddly material. Primarily they are used as spit-up or nursing cloths.

Gauze cloths: what for?

Gauze cloths are suitable for several purposes. These include, for example, spitting up, breastfeeding, covering and pucking.

What size gauze cloths?

The standard sizes of gauze cloths are 70×70 cm and 80×80 cm. If you want to use them to swaddle your baby, you should choose at least the latter size.

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