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Dräger Dreamguard Baby Monitor – Guidebook

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Dräger Dreamguard Baby Monitor – Guidebook

The Dräger Dreamguard baby monitor is a real recommendation for all those who want not only a safe but also a comfortable baby monitor. Thanks to the smartphone app, the baby monitor is particularly mobile and flexible to use.


A baby monitor is part of the basic equipment for many parents. The Dräger Dreamguard gives parents the additional assurance that their baby is in the supine position during sleep and that the chest is rising and falling steadily

With the Dreamguard’s integrated motion sensor, you have three functions combined in one device: monitoring your baby’s movements, sleep position and sounds. The sensor can be easily attached to the bottom layer of clothing

Special Functions

The Dreamguard is much more than a classic baby monitor. The wearable can be easily attached to the baby’s onesie to measure breathing and movement. If moving around the tummy or chest is absent for more than 20 seconds, the device sounds an alarm


The Dreamguard’s maximum range is approximately 100 meters between the wearable and the receiving station. The radio range may differ depending on environmental conditions and the smartphone used

Power Supply

The receiving station is charged via the power supply unit and the USB cable. The wearable can be charged in the charging tray provided on the receiver station

The charging process is indicated by a pulsating battery symbol. When the device is fully charged, the pulsing turns into a permanent glow of the display

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the wearable. The receiver station charges for approx. 6.5 hours.

Noise Level Display

You can adjust the volume of the baby monitor on the receiving station.

In addition to the acoustic transmission, the volume indicator shows whether and how loud the baby is crying.

Scope of Delivery

  • Receiving station (parent unit)
  • Wearable with attachment clip (baby unit)
  • Power supply incl. USB cable
  • Quickguide with PIN code to activate the app


✅ Battery performance up to 16 hours (receiving station)

✅ Battery power up to 30 hours (wearable)

✅ Wearable sensor

✅ Motion detector

✅ Prone position detection

✅ Visual and audible alarm function

✅ Visual and acoustic feedback on functional capability

✅ Easy handling

✅ Operation also via smartphone app

✅ Breathing is measured via a sensor

✅ Power supply incl. USB cable

✅ Optical and acoustic battery control indicator

✅ Volume control knob

✅ Visual noise level indicator

✅ Fault indicators

✅ Optionally usable as a pure baby monitor


❌ No camera

❌ No lullabies

❌ No night light

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