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The 8 Best Heat Lamps For Babies – Guide

A heat lamp for babies is not only suitable for the changing table, how about for example in the bath – or bedroom? Here you can find out what versatile options are available and how the different designs of heat lamps differ. Our checklist will help you find the right heat lamp for your baby’s needs. In our product recommendations, you can then choose a specific model at your leisure and order it today without much effort.

Checklist For Heat Lamp For Baby

Advantages of Heat Lamps with Stand
  • The heat lamp can be placed flexibly in any place, for example, in the nursery, bathroom or bedroom.
  • Heat lamps with stand are usually height adjustable, the distance to the changing table can be adjusted variably.
  • Mounting is not necessary.
  • Has a swivel head.
  • If the changing table is located in a place with a low or sloping ceiling, it may not be possible to maintain the minimum distance when wall-mounted.
Advantages of Wall Mounted Heat Lamps
  • Ready for use at any time and in the right position
  • Wall mounting allows stable mounting and is very space-saving
  • There is no risk of accidentally knocking the lamp over. This is especially important if there are other children living in the household.
  • Robust workmanship and sturdy wall mount or a fixed stand are essential.
  • A power between 300 and 800 watts is sufficient, for particularly cool rooms 400 – 600 watts are ideal
  • Over 800 watts of power is usually too high.
  • With different heat levels, the heat can be regulated as needed.
  • Operation by pull cord, switch or remote control should be chosen according to ease of access.
  • Infrared lamps are ready for use immediately and save preheating. In addition, the red light has a calming effect on the baby.
  • The automatic switch-off ensures that the heat lamp switches itself off after a certain time. This saves electricity and prevents accidents caused by overheating.
  • Splash protection is particularly useful if the heat lamp is placed in the bathroom. If children pee while changing diapers, the jet can sometimes reach surprisingly far and hit the lamp, so splash protection is also useful for this.
  • The tilt protection prevents the tilt angle of the heat lamp from changing during diapering.
  • A protective grid prevents direct contact with the lamp.
  • The heat lamp, pull cord and power cord must always be out of the baby’s reach.
  • The safety distances specified by the manufacturer must be observed at all times.

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FAQ For Heat Lamp For Baby

Which heat lamp for baby?

In our guide you will find many great heat lamps for babies and all the important buying criteria.

Heat lamp for baby: How high above the changing table?

The ideal distance from the heat lamp to the changing table is between 80 cm and 100 cm.

How long do you need a heat lamp?

As a rule, heat lamps are only recommended for the first six to nine months. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, often you will also find information there about the recommended duration.

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