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The Best Sellers Of Mobile Changing Tables – Guidebook

The Best Sellers Of Mobile Changing Tables – Guidebook

Mobile changing tables can be moved quickly and easily. Many mobile changing tables are on castors, and some models also have a folding function, making them particularly suitable for travel, outings and storage during longer breaks in use. The latter is especially convenient if your family planning is not yet complete, but you want to wait a while until the next child comes. This way, the table doesn’t take up any space during this time, but also doesn’t have to be laboriously dragged up from the basement or purchased new.

Our checklist contains the most important buying criteria for mobile changing tables and below you will find specific product recommendations. So you can make a well-founded choice today.

The Bestsellers Of The Mobile Changing Tables

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular mobile changing tables for you.

Checklist For Mobile Changing Tables

Checklist for mobile changing tables

Construction and materials
  • Mobile changing tables are available with casters or with a folding mechanism.
  • Sturdy racks with casters are suitable for a change of location within the home, while folding changing tables are convenient for traveling.
  • The folding mechanism makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the changing table. These mobile changing tables have removable shelves or hanging fabric surfaces.
  • Mobile changing tables for the home are often made of sturdy wood and chipboard. Lightweight metal frames and easy-to-clean plastic covers are suitable for folding changing tables.
  • Coated and waterproof materials make it easy to clean the changing table.
Size and load capacity
  • Most mobile changing tables are suitable for children up to 12 months . They have a maximum load capacity of 10 to 15 kg.
  • Despite the space-saving design of mobile changing tables, the lying surface should correspond to the size of the child. Your child should be able to lie comfortably stretched out on the changing table.
  • A height of about 80 cm allows you to change your child’s diaper in a back-friendly way.
  • Height-adjustable models offer you more flexibility in use.
  • To ensure the safety of your child, the changing table should be sturdy and clean. A padded lying surface offers your child additional comfort.
  • Materials tested for harmful substances and water-based paints or varnishes are an important purchase criterion. In addition, the coating of the frame should be saliva-resistant .
  • Rounded corners and edges reduce the risk of injury for your child.
  • A raised edge or a safety belt protect older children from falling off the changing table.
  • A safe stand is also important for lightweight and mobile changing tables. For this purpose, the model should have anti-slip feet or lockable casters.
Storage space

– A mobile changing table should offer space for all important care products . This includes diapers, wet wipes or baby oil.
– The number of storage compartments, holders and storage nets will determine the amount of storage space available.
– While foldable changing tables are used on the go, mobile changing tables for the home should have just as much storage space as stationary models.

We have compiled the best and most interesting mobile changing tables. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

Safety 1st Dolphy Baby Changing Unit, Warm Grey
  • 2 in 1: bathtub and changing table. no need to bend to bath baby
  • Easy to lift up with one hand changing table
  • Integrated bathtub with drainage tube included
  • 4 front storage compartments
  • 3 wheels with brakes for an easy move around the house

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Current Offers Of Mobile Changing Tables

You can find the best current offers on mobile changing tables in this list.

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FAQ About Mobile Changing Tables

What is a mobile changing table?

A mobile changing table has a folding or rolling function, so you can easily move/carry it to other places

What belongs on the changing table?

In addition to a comfortable surface to lie on, you should have the most important hygiene and care products for your baby at hand. Besides diapers and wipes, you will also need ointments, oils and creams. Keep in mind that you will have to throw away the used diapers. Small garbage bags are handy in this regard. Better, of course, is a trash can in close proximity. Products for navel and nail care are also important. If necessary, you can also put textiles (washcloths, towels). If it is very cold, you can also use a heat lamp or a radiant heater (Attention, please always use it exactly according to the instructions and do not take any risks).

How high should a radiant heater hang above the changing table?

To avoid discomfort or danger for your baby, the radiant heater should always hang 80 cm to one meter above the changing table. Make sure that it is really tight and cannot fall or tip over. Also, you should not rely solely on this statement, but check individually what is written in the manufacturer and product instructions.

Which mobile changing table is the best?

Which mobile changing table is the best depends on what you want to use it for. Do you need it regularly in your home or only when traveling or here and there for on the go? Is it important for you to be able to fold the changing table and store it in a space-saving way or are castors enough for you? Safety is also an important aspect. If you are unsure which table is the best for you and your baby, take a look at our guide. There you will find a helpful checklist with tips and product recommendations.

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