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Moltex – Eco diaper – Guidebook

Moltex – Eco diaper – Guidebook

The Moltex eco diaper is a more eco-friendly variation of the disposable diaper. Since my child has sensitive skin, it was important for me to find a diaper that does not contain lotions and perfumes.

Marie Kulmann, Mother & Editor

Moltex – Eco Diaper

A more environmentally friendly option, the disposable diaper is more sustainable in its production. It is made from 40% renewable raw materials and contains a chlorine-free absorbent core. Being free of perfumes and natural latex, it is especially suitable for babies with demanding skin. Due to its 3-layer absorbent core, the fast absorption of liquid works. Odors are bound by tea leaf extracts.

I also consider it a quality feature that the diapers are made in Germany. I also like the fact that the diapers have elastic cuffs. This ensures a perfect fit – whether your offspring is kicking and crawling as a baby or discovering the world as a toddler.


  • Disposable diaper
  • 3 ply absorbent core
  • Comfort Stretch – elastic cuffs
  • skin friendly
  • Free from natural latex and perfumes
  • 100% chlorine free core
  • Ecologically sustainable production
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Made in Germany


✅ Free from lotions and perfumes

✅ Dermatologically tested skin-friendliness

✅ Sustainable and environmentally friendly production

✅ 3-layer absorbent body

✅ Sizes 1 – 6


❌ No environmentally friendly disposal possible

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