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The 8 Best Pacifier Chains For Babies – Guidebook

They come in different shapes, designs, colors and patterns: pacifier chains. A must for every baby. But what do you have to look out for?

We want to help you with your choice and have created a checklist with the most important criteria and also selected suitable product recommendations for you. Have fun browsing!

Checklist Pacifier Chains For Babies

  • Pacifier chains come in numerous varieties and materials. Very popular are models made of large beads, which are made of plastic or wood and offer ample resistance to a baby’s attempts to bite.
  • Very high comfort is offered by non-toxic silicone beads. Your baby will be delighted with the soft yet resistant consistency, which invites him to bite. Parents will be pleased with the particularly easy-care, robust material that can be washed quickly and easily.
  • Pacifier chains are usually about 20 cm long. This ensures that they hold the pacifier securely within reach of your baby and yet do not pose a strangulation hazard.
  • There are no limits to your imagination when designing pacifier chains. There are them with letter beads that show the baby’s name, to eye-catching motif beads that are based on the first favorite colors.
  • Many suppliers of pacifier chains allow you to individualize the design according to your ideas.
  • Pacifier chains can also be designed as a plain textile ribbon made of cotton or as a wide plastic cord. These variants have proven to be extremely tear-resistant.
  • The pacifier is usually attached via a thin loop at the end of the pacifier chain. At the other end of the pacifier chain is the clip to attach to your baby’s clothing, stroller or elsewhere.
  • All pacifiers that have a hole in the shield can be attached with such a pacifier chain.
  • Eye-catching colors and shapes, as well as specially textured materials, stimulate your baby’s perception and support his development.
  • Because your baby puts the pacifier chain several times a day in the mouth, should be free of harmful substances. Materials should be respected. Food-safe silicone, BPA- and phthalate-free plastics are well suited.
  • For maximum safety, the pacifier chain should only be attached with a special pacifier chain clip. This immediately gives way and detaches when resistance is encountered, preventing injury to the child.
  • Pacifier chains are designed to be extremely tear-resistant, but for safety reasons they should never be given to the baby unattended.

We have compiled the best and most interesting pacifier chains. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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FAQ For Pacifier Chains

How long should a pacifier chain be?

A pacifier chain should not exceed an approximate length of 20 cm (plus/minus 2 cm) without the clip

How do I attach the pacifier chain?

The pacifier chain is usually attached to the stroller or sling via the clip

How to attach pacifier to pacifier chain?

The pacifier can be attached to a loop on the pacifier chain

Soother chain from when?

As soon as your child has a pacifier, the pacifier chain can be used. As described above, it offers the first opportunities for exploration

How do I make a pacifier chain?

It is advisable to use large and colorful beads that are free of harmful substances. If necessary, also individualized with symbols or letters. A maximum length of 22 cm should not be exceeded

Which pacifier chain is good?

Tastes vary, but the most important thing is the function and safety of the pacifier chain. You can find information on this in our product guide. There you will find a checklist and specific product recommendations

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