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The 9 Best Pucksack- Guidebook

A Pucksack can be perfect if your baby is very restless . The use of such can accordingly cause your baby to calm down, as your child remembers the tightness in the womb . Plus, it will also keep your baby cozy and warm in cold temperatures if you choose the right material.

Since the choice can sometimes be a bit difficult, we have prepared a suitable checklist for you. In it you will find all important information, which can be important before buying a pucksack . Please also have a look at our product recommendations. There you can compare between many different models.

Checklist for Pucksacks

  • Since babies initially only know the tight confines of the womb , the pucksack helps them regain that familiar sensation . That is why pucksacks have such a calming effect on newborns and babies.
  • Pucksacks are available as a romper bag, in which your baby has leg room to romp, but also as a tightly swaddled pucksack.
  • Romp sacks are put on your baby like baby pants. A wide, comfortable elastic waistband keeps the romper bag in place.
  • Pucksacks with arm pockets support your baby especially well in assuming a fetal arm position.
  • Rompers or pucksacks are available in both bamboo and polyester fabrics. Cotton has the great advantage over polyester of being breathable.
  • Polyester, on the other hand, as a synthetic fiber , offers a slightly better thermal performance compared to cotton.
  • When choosing a puck sack or a puck sling , you should also pay attention to pollutant-free quality and a corresponding quality seal . The OekoTex Standard 100 seal offers a good first orientation.
  • Pucksacks made of polyester can usually be washed at no hotter than 40°C.Stronger soiling can be removed by washing. Heavier soiling may not be removed completely or only after several washes.
  • Pucksacks and cloths made of cotton can be washed at up to 60°C and can easily withstand rounds in the tumble dryer so the cloth is quickly ready for use again.
Winding Technology
  • In order to swaddle your baby as quickly as possible, some swaddle cloths already offer integrated Velcro fasteners to create the optimal swaddle quickly and in just a few steps . This is ideal if you are just learning the swaddling technique.
  • Swaddle blankets without a predefined shape or fasteners can also be used as a changing mat, blanket or sunshade on the stroller after the baby’s first days.
More Functions
  • Pucksacks and puck s ling with integrated belt slots can also be used when your baby is out in the stroller. How to make your baby travel more comfortably.
  • Babies with hip joint problems may benefit from a pucksack with a hip positioner. This should be discussed with the treating pediatrician beforehand.

We have compiled the best and most interesting pucksacks. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Pucksacks

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular pucksacks for you.

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Current Offers Of Pucksacks

You can find the best current offers on pucksacks in this list.

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Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday, Graphite
Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday, Graphite
HERITAGE: Durable, timeless, functional. Since 1960.
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adidas Alliance II Sackpack, Black, One Size
adidas Alliance II Sackpack, Black, One Size
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Pucksack Advice

Which pucksack suits me and my baby?

A pucksack serves as a practical sleeping aid for your baby, because it gives him a feeling of security.

But the choice of pucksacks is wide and there are different models on the market, which either require different swaddling techniques to be used or even none at all. All of them have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s not so easy to figure out which one is the right one for you

If you are not sure what kind of pucksack to buy, you first need to answer only one question.

Do you want a pucksack or a puck sling?

A pucksack is very practical, because it doesn’t need to be wrapped at all and offers babies a lot of support due to the sewn-in hip positioner and prevents uncomfortable slipping. If you like to have the easy and safe version of the pucksack, then you are type A.

If you like to wrap your child yourself so that the sling fits best, then you are type B. The advantage of puck sling is that you can wrap the baby individually according to size. Here there are classic cloths, but also pre-shaped puck cloths with Velcro, which make wrapping easier.

You want a pucksack where you don’t have to swaddle?

Then you are type A

If you prefer a practical pucksack, then you are type A. With a pucksack you save yourself the hassle of swaddling and yet your baby is snug in the pucksack. If you are type A, the Ergobaby Swaddler and the Sterntaler Strampelnest are suitable for you.

The Ergobaby Swaddler

The Ergobaby Swaddler is a particularly well thought-out pucksack in which your baby can feel especially comfortable. The footmuff and arm pockets allow your baby to get comfortable just like in the womb, which is especially ergonomic. This makes it feel especially secure and can sleep better.

The Ergobaby Pucksack is made of 100% cotton and thus avoids heat accumulation. Thanks to the removable footmuff, changing diapers is also particularly easy. A well thought out pucksack and a top buy recommendation.

The Sterntaler Romping Nest

The Sterntaler Strampelnest is particularly soft and is therefore especially comfortable for babies. The hip positioner prevents slipping. The Sterntaler Pucksack also has slots for the strap of a baby car seat, so your baby can feel secure while on the go, which I find very practical.

Most pucksacks are meant to be used right after birth. The Sterntaler Pucksack, however, is a bit larger and can be used after about 3 months. It is therefore also useful to replace a smaller pucksack, if you find that your baby still needs a pucksack to feel safe.

You want a puck sling?

Then you are type B

For type B there are different puck sacks. There are the classic, simple cloths that are wrapped around your baby using various wrapping techniques, or already pre-shaped cloths that usually also have a Velcro closure to make wrapping especially easy.

You want a classic puck sling?

Classic puckwraps are quite plain and can be wrapped in many different ways, how, that is up to your preferences. The advantage of a classic puck sling is that it can be used in many ways, such as a thin blanket, as a changing mat or as a sunshade for the stroller. Opaque cloths can also serve as a privacy screen while breastfeeding on the go.

The Hoppiez puck sling

You can’t really go wrong with the Hoppiez Pucktuch. It measures 90 x 90 cm and therefore allows for many different swaddling techniques. It also stands out from other products because it is washable at 60° and therefore especially hygienic. The Hoppiez Pucktuch is made of 100% cotton and is tested for harmful substances.

A great puck cloth with versatile use of good quality.

You Want A Preformed Puck Sling?

Pre-shaped burp cloths are very practical and make swaddling easier. If you would like to have a preformed puck sling, then the Sterntaler cover and the Alvi Harmonie wrap are ideal.

The Sterntaler cover

The Sterntaler cover can be used from birth and swaddling is very easy. It is characterized by a particularly soft material and thus becomes a true feel-good swaddle blanket.

The Sterntaler cover also has belt slots for a 3-point harness, because it may not be missing on the road. With this pucktuch your baby always has a safe and soft sleeping environment.

The Alvi Harmonie Pucktuch

The Alvi Harmonie Pucktuch looks similar in shape to the Sterntaler sleep blanket. Thanks to the Velcro closure, the Harmonie Pucktuch holds particularly well. The material is particularly soft, because the Alvi Harmonie Pucktuch is also available with terry Nicki lining and is so also great for the winter, because it keeps your baby nice and warm. It is suitable for the first 3 months of your baby’s life.

The Pucktuch of Alvi consists of 100% cotton and is washable at 60 °.

Pucksack Info

Advantages and disadvantages of pucking

Many babies can’t fall asleep even though they are very tired, because they simply can’t relax properly. If they do manage to fall asleep, they wake up easily due to the Moro reflex. The Moro reflex refers to uncontrolled movements of the limbs that quickly irritate and wake your baby during the light sleep phases. This quickly puts an end to sleep. However, baby is still tired and now especially crotchety.

However, swaddling can counteract the Moro reflex, because the baby is wrapped tightly enough in a cloth so that the little arms and legs no longer have so much freedom of movement. As a result, many babies fall asleep faster and – especially great for parents – they sleep longer in the best case. They also feel secure, as the tightness is reminiscent of the womb. So especially in the first months after birth, swaddling is a great way to make your baby feel comfortable outside of mommy’s tummy.

There are also some disadvantages of swaddling, but with the right swaddle and swaddling technique, they become unimportant. Pucking carries the risk of pinching nerves and the tightness makes breathing difficult. Therefore, parents should make sure that the puck sling is wrapped around the baby quite tightly, but that there is enough free space for small movements.

What you should pay attention to when swaddling

Swaddling helps newborns sleep better, because they have only known the warm, safe tummy of their mother and have to get used to this new, bright and noisy world. Normally, a pucking period of up to three months is recommended.

In the past, the whole baby was swaddled, but now it is recommended to swaddle only the upper body and give the legs freedom to kick, because this is better for the hips. If you put the baby’s hands to your heart, the posture is the same as that of the embryo in the womb, which is said to be particularly relaxing for the baby. Of course, the face should never be covered.

When swaddling, also make sure that there is no heat build-up. Pucksacks made of cotton are particularly safe. With other materials you should check from time to time that it does not get too warm.

Puckering can help to develop a healthy sleep rhythm. If you feel that your baby falls asleep well after birth and does not whine as much, then swaddling may not even be necessary. So whether you should swaddle your baby depends entirely on his or her behavior.

If you decide to swaddle, watch closely how your baby reacts. Most are very comfortable in their puck sling, but some just don’t like it.

Here is what you should look for when buying a puck sling or pucksack

The shape

First, you should consider what shape your pucksack should have. More specifically, do you want a puck sling or a pucksack? Personally, I think a pucksack has some advantages and it also ensures legroom for your little one.

Pucksocks, on the other hand, can be individually wrapped using different techniques and are versatile. So both models have advantages, which one you prefer is a matter of taste

The material

It helps if the material of the pucksack is somewhat elastic, so that it adapts better. It should be breathable to avoid heat accumulation. Also, think about how warm you want the pucksack to keep your baby. If it’s going to be used consistently for sleeping in the winter, it’s better if you look for a material that keeps nice and warm.

In the summer, the pucksack is used more for puckering and may also be thinner. However, there is a risk of overheating even with thin fabrics when the temperatures outside are a bit higher, so you should either not puck here or check your baby regularly.


Make sure that The material has a good quality and may also in the washing machine. Because so, like most baby things, also the Pucksack gets dirty quickly times.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pucksack?

A pucksack is similar in principle to a sleeping bag. It is designed to soothe your baby and also provides a cozy warmth, because your child is wrapped tightly in it.

How long do I use a pucksack?
You should only use a pucksack up to an age of 3 to 6 months. As soon as your baby is able to turn onto its stomach on its own, you should no longer use a pucksack. In addition, your baby’s movement will be very restricted in the long term and, in the worst case, he or she may develop a hip deformity. Therefore, the use of a pucksack only makes sense over a certain period of time.

Why baby in a pucksack?
You can calm your baby with the help of a pucksack so that he can fall asleep relaxed. But it is also helpful when breastfeeding, so that your baby does not move constantly and can take breast milk in peace.

Is a pucksack good?
A pucksack can be used well in certain periods. Especially if you notice that your baby is fidgeting a lot or is very restless, a pucksack can provide your baby with some security as he or she remembers the time in the womb.

How much does a pucksack cost?
A pucksack usually costs up to 25 euros. Here it makes sense to invest in a higher quality one, so that your child does not sweat too much in it, for example.

What material is a pucksack made of?
A pucksack can be made of cotton or polyester. Polyester is, among other things, breathable, which is why your child sweats much less in such a bag.

How can a pucksack be cleaned?
You can usually wash a pucksack in the washing machine. However, for most models you must not exceed a temperature of 40 degrees. It always makes sense to read the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand. Pucksacks made of cotton, on the other hand, can be washed at 60 degrees.

How to put on a pucksack?
The pucksack is put on in a similar way to conventional trousers. It should fit snugly, but it is important that your baby still has some freedom of movement.

What should be worn under the pucksack?
Your child should not wear too thick clothing under the Pucksack, otherwise it will sweat relatively quickly. A bodysuit, for example, is perfectly adequate in summer temperatures.

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