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Reer VapoMax – Guidebook

The reer VapoMax is an affordable alternative to the devices from NUK and Philips. When buying it, you have to make a few compromises, but it is still a recommendable and inexpensive alternative.

reer VapoMax

The Reer VapoMax disinfects environmentally friendly with steam, without the addition of chemicals. The sterilization takes 10 minutes. The VapoMax is suitable for all common baby bottles, pacifiers, and other accessories. With the removable basket insert, small parts such as teething rings are also reliably sterilized.

Product Details

  • Space for up to four bottles and accessories
  • Compatible with bottles from other brands
  • also suitable for grab and wide-neck bottles
  • sterile for up to 3 hours with closed lid
  • HeatColour signals hot surface
  • removable basket insert for accessories
  • Automatic switch-off
  • integrated cable rewind
  • BPA free
  • tongs included
  • Dimensions: diameter 23,5 cm, height 33 cm
  • Weight: approx. 1,4 kg


✅ Space for up to 6 bottles

✅ Sterile for up to 3 hours with lid closed

✅ extra basket insert

✅ automatic switch-off


❌ Sterilization in 10 minutes

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