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Samsung SEW-3041 Babyphone – Guidebook

Samsung SEW-3041 Babyphone – Guidebook

The Samsung baby monitor with camera is a slightly cheaper alternative to the NUK baby monitor and comes up trumps with a large screen and interference-free transmission.

However, it has neither a temperature monitor nor a lullaby function or a night light, and the battery only lasts up to 12 hours. Nevertheless, it is a good alternative for those who primarily want a baby monitor with a camera.

Samsung SEW-3041


The Samsung SEW-3041 baby monitor comes up trumps with a camera and a large screen of 4.3 inches. The night vision function ensures a good picture at all times. It also has an intercom function via button, as well as an integrated folding stand and a belt clip on the parent device, so it can always be taken along without any problems.

Baby monitor with camera

Thanks to the baby monitor’s high-resolution camera, you always know exactly what your baby is doing and whether he or she is doing well. The integrated night vision function ensures perfect image transmission to the 4.3-inch monitor of the parent unit around the clock.

Intercom Function

The Samsung SEW-3041 has a high-quality microphone and an intercom function at the touch of a button. This allows you to not only see what your baby is doing but also hear when he or she wakes up.


The range is 275 meters outside buildings. Even indoors, 30 meters is no problem for the Samsung baby monitor. However, as with other baby monitors, the range always depends on the environment. But according to testimonials, even several walls between the baby unit and the parent unit do not interfere with the transmission.

Power supply

The camera in the nursery is powered by a power supply unit. The parent unit with the monitor is equipped with a battery and can be connected to the mains or transported with the battery only, as desired.


✅ Range up to 275 m

✅ Parent unit battery up to 12 hours

✅ Intercom function

✅ High-resolution camera

✅ 4.3 inch display

✅ panning angle camera 300

✅ Night vision function

✅ Stand-by mode

✅ Integrated belt clip

✅ Folding stand

✅ Remote night light


❌ no vibration alarm

❌ no temperature monitoring

❌ no lullaby function

❌ no night light

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