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Tummy Tub Bath Bucket

Tummy Tub Bath Bucket

Looks funny at first, but offers a lot of advantages. Many babies feel as safe in the bath bucket as in the womb. It is also non-slip and particularly safe.

Tummy Tub

The Tummy Tub gives babies a particularly high level of security because the bath bucket is reminiscent of the womb. Babies are better protected from cooling down in the bath bucket and the low water surface keeps the water warm longer

It is also particularly safe because babies can not slip away. Due to the slip brake on the bottom, the bucket stands firmly in place. It is also space-saving and very light, which makes it perfect for easy handling for women in a childbed. The amount of water is used ideally, which in the long term reduces water consumption and saves energy

Product Details

  • Useful life: from birth to 12 kg user weight
  • TÜV certified
  • non-tipping, non-slip, BPA-free, recyclable, non-saliva
  • Water level marking for the ideal filling quantity
  • extra wide rim with handles
  • Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 34 cm
  • Weight: approx. 550 g


✅ Babies feel especially safe in the bath bucket

✅ Slip brake at the bottom of the bucket

✅ Low water consumption

✅ space saving

✅ TÜV certified


❌ limited space, not so long usable

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