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The 8 Best Motor Skills Toys For Babies – Guidebook

Motor skills toys can help improve your baby’s skills. It also learns to distinguish different colors and shapes from each other and also trains its hearing with toys with sounds. To ensure that your child enjoys the motor

skills toys for a long time, however, you should consider a few things in advance.

To help you find the right toys for you, we have put together an informative checklist. In our product recommendations, you will also find concrete examples of motor skills toys for your baby. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for quickly!

Checklist Motor Skills Toys For Babies

Development Area
  • Motor skills toys address different motor processes. When looking for the right toy, you can look at which areas are addressed.
  • In this way, movement sequences are practiced. Here it is good if the toys have areas to grasp. In this way, your child learns how to pick something up or pass it from one hand to the other.
  • The senses can be addressed in different ways. For example, some motor toys have integrated crackling paper, a mirror, bells, or rattles.
  • Some variants can be rolled or have an integrated motor that sets the toy in motion. This is ideal to encourage the baby to move.
  • Cognitive skills can be improved by having the toy show connections. This works, for example, by connecting colors and music or sounds and the matching animals.
  • Pay attention to the age at which the motor skills toy is suitable. For children under three months, it is sufficient if it is a simple toy, as reflexes still prevail here.
  • From the third month of life, a motor toy should have biting areas, integrated rattles, and grasping areas. To prevent overstimulation, you can also choose several motor toys with different effects.
  • From the sixth month of life, when the baby can sit, toys that train the movement sequences are suitable, such as models for stacking, rolling, or with buttons.
  • From the 12th month of life, the motor skills toys may be more versatile, here are walker products or motor skills loops optimally suitable.
  • From the 24th month of life, children also enjoy putting together individual parts, such as a marble run or a wooden train.
  • Motor skills toys from the age of three may have an effect where children pull connections, as with threading toys.
  • Motor skills toys are made of plastic, wood and also fabric.
  • Especially in the first months of life, variants made of fabric are very suitable, because children are still very oral and cleaning of fabric is hygienically possible in the machine.
  • Products made of wood are very sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Versions made of plastic often have very bright colors and are sometimes equipped with electronics and thus arouse the interest of children.

We have compiled the best and most interesting motor skills toys. You can find

the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Motor Toys

In a list of bestsellers, wehave compiled the most popular motor skills toys for you.

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Current Offers On Motor Ativity Toys

You can find thebest current deals on motor skills toys in this list.

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FAQ About Motor Toys

What is a motor toy?

With a motor skill toy, your baby can train to practice certain movements and improve his motor skills.

From when to buy motor skills toys for babies?

From about 3 months, babies can train their motor skills. At this age, however, your child should not yet be given challenging toys. From the age of 12 months, however, your child can already assemble individual parts or understand more complex toys better

What material are motor skills toys made of?

Motor skills toys are often made of wood or fabric. Wood is a very durable material, which is why your child will enjoy it for a long time. It is important that the wood has not been treated with chemical substances. A test seal therefore signals to you whether the material has been extensively tested beforehand. Toys made of fabric, on the other hand, are helpful because you can clean them relatively easily in the washing machine

How can you promote your baby’s abilities with motor skills toys?

A motor toy should appeal to all of your child’s senses. For example, there are toys with sounds or music, which sufficiently train your child’s hearing. If he stacks different parts or builds them on top of each other, he learns to grasp objects and place them appropriately

What types of motor skills toys are there?

For example, your child can demonstrate his or her dexterity with push toys. Pushing animals or a walker, on the other hand, test your child’s ability to move. Mirrors, bells or rattles are also sure to catch your child’s attention quickly.

What do motor skills toys look like?

Motor skills toys come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. For example, you can buy toys made of wood or other materials. Often, the toy is in bright colors and features and available in numerous forms.

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