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The 8 Best Play Arches For Babies – Guidebook

A play bow not only offers your baby variety and fun, it also supports the development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Most play arches offer not only figures, but exciting toys, such as rattles, mirrors or rustling paper for peek-a-boo games.
The wonderful side effect for parents: occupying the child with a play bow offers parents the necessary breather from time to time and the opportunity to do something else on the side.

But which play bow suits you and your baby? Do you need a blanket? Should it be able to play music or would you rather have a simple wooden one? There are a lot of questions to ask before buying a play bow.

That’s why we would like to give you an overview of the best play arches with our top 8 play arch recommendations so that you can easily find out which type of play arch you are.

Checklist For Play Arches For Babies

  • Play arches made of plastic are light and easy to clean
  • Play arches made of fabric are especially recommended forthe youngest children, as they are light and soft and the play elements can often be washed in the washing machine
  • Play arches or play trapezes made of wood are very durable and sustainable
  • Often the toys can be replaced by others when the old ones have become boring
Age Recommendation
  • Babies from about three months develop an interest in playing (depending on their individual stage of development and character)
  • Since the smallest babies cannot move much yet and lie on their backs most of the time and later on their stomachs , toys must be in the immediate vicinity at the beginning
  • Some babies are quick to play actively with the play bow, others prefer to watch their parents play at first
  • Parents are allowed to show the babies what there is to discover, but should also offer their baby enough freedom to explore on their own
  • Since small babies are not yet playing in the true sense of the word and are not mobile, they like to occupy themselves extensively with the toys on a play arch
  • A play arch is a great addition to the crawling blanket or playpen
  • The baby can occupy himself and fall asleep safely at any time, without toys lying around being uncomfortable or becoming a choking hazard
  • Depending on the design , a play arch can be quickly assembled and disassembled and stored in a space-saving way when traveling (except for play arches made of wood)
  • Play arches promote spatial thinking, motor skills, sense of touch and vision
  • The risk of injury is low
  • More distant toys encourage the baby to turn and move around
  • Play arches are toys and soothing at the same time
  • It is essential to pay attention to certified, harmless ingredients (material, paint, individual elements), as babies explore everything with their mouths!
  • Observetest seals (GS, CE, Spiel gut)
  • Make sure that wooden play arches are stable !
  • Repair or remove defective parts immediately!
  • Never leave babies playing unsupervised!

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The Best Sellers Of Play Arches For Babies

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular play arches for babies for you.

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Current Offers Of Play Arches For Babies

Here you will find a collection of the current offers of play arches for babies.

Play Bow Advice

Which Play Bow Suits Me?

A play bow offers your child a lot of fun and entertainment, so I personally can only advise you to this purchase. But there are a lot of different play bow models on the market with different functions and made of different materials.

Therefore, you should answer several questions yourself to really find the play bow that meets your requirements.

Do You Want A Classic Play Bow Or One With Additional Functions?

In general, you can distinguish between “normal” play arches or play arches with additional functions. Additional functions means here especially music effects to keep the child busy not only visually.

If a normal play bow is sufficient for you and you also do not want to use batteries, then you are play bow type A. If, on the other hand, you want to entertain your baby all around with music, sounds or light effects, then you are type B.


You Want A Classic Play Bow?

You Are Type A!

But even among the “classic” play arches, i.e. those without music effects, etc., there are differences that become clear in my recommendations. The difference is especially noticeable in the material but also in the scope of delivery. There are play arches with and without a blanket. Which one you buy depends entirely on whether or not you already have a nice play blanket for your baby at home.

The Solini Play Trapeze Toadstool

The Solini play trapeze toadstool is made of birch wood and is therefore particularly stable. Nevertheless, it is very light with 1.6 kg and can be carried well. The play arch is 5-fold height adjustable and adapts with 2 cm steps to the age of your baby. It offers your baby entertainment in the form of rotating rings, bells and rattles and thus supports the development of motor skills.

The FEHN 3-D Activity Blanket

The FEHN 3-D Activity Blanket already reveals with its name that it is not just a play bow, but also a cozy blanket that fits underneath. And this blanket has a lot to offer. Your child has with this play bow not only feel the toys hanging on the bow and play with them, but also actively examine the ceiling. There you will find a mirror and rustling paper. So it offers all-round entertainment, who needs music effects?

Another advantage: the bow is attached with clips that can be easily released. The included bag makes it easy to take the FEHN 3-D Activity Blanket with you on the go.

You Want A Play Bow With Music Effects And Other Features?

You are type B!

Type B wants to offer his child as much entertainment and variety as possible and relies at least on music effects. But the play bow recommendations for type B have even more to offer. Convince yourself of their functions here.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Adventure Blanket

The Rainforest adventure blanket from Fisher-Price offers babies lots of variety. In addition to a rattle, a rotary play part, a crackle leaf and great other toys, it convinces with light and music effects that can be individually adjusted by volume control.

The toys can be removed at will and if the blanket gets dirty, you can simply wash it on the delicate cycle and then put it in the dryer. The Rainforest adventure blanket combines easy handling with a complete entertainment package.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends

The Rainforest Friends playmat from Fisher-Price is slightly smaller than the Rainforest adventure blanket. However, it offers itself as a cheaper alternative and trumps itself with the most important features of the Rainforest adventure blanket. This play bow also has evrschiedene toys, such as rattles and a mirror and has sound and music effects. The special feature: The Rainforest Friends play bow can be easily folded and is therefore also suitable for travel.

The VTech 3 in 1 Play Bow

The VTech 3 in 1 play bow is a real quick-change artist. It is not only a play bow, but can also be easily converted into a walker and thus effectively supports your child in learning to walk. Another advantage is that the play board of the VTech play arch can also be used quite easily separately. The play fun is rounded off by a variety of musical effects. The play board can play 4 sung songs and 20 children’s melodies. Thanks to the textbook, you can also sing along if you want to.

The VTech play board offers a great 3 in 1 solution with a great price-performance ratio and can be used longer than other play boards.

Play Bow Info

A play arch has several advantages. It keeps your baby busy while you can turn your attention to other things because you finally have both hands free. Many babies find play arches exciting early after birth. However, there is mainly observed and the little one is busy to process all the visual impressions.

But over time, it tries out more and more and touches everything it can get its little fingers on. So a play bow is a great way to train grasping. In the long run, it also supports hand-eye coordination. If you choose a play bow model with music, your baby will not only experience something visually, but also acoustically.

I would like to give you here again a few information to the hand, which you should consider before and when buying a play bow.

With Blanket Or Without Blanket?

This is a question that you should answer individually for yourself. If you already have a nice play blanket for your baby, then of course it also works without. In addition, the play bow can also be placed on a wool blanket. But as with the 3-D activity blanket, other blankets to play arches also have a lot to offer. So your baby also experiences something when lying on his stomach. If you decide on a play arch model with blanket, then make sure that this is of high quality and above all washable.

Made Of Wood Or Plastic?

This is a difficult question that has probably been the subject of many discussions. In general, you can say that wooden play arches are usually a little more stable, but are also priced higher. However, only those with plastic offer exciting music and light effects. So the choice of material depends more on what the play bow should be able to do.


In my top 5 play bow recommendations, I introduced you to different play bows with different functions. The key is to decide between a play bow with and without music, sound and light effects. Either way, you should make sure that the play bow, apart from a nice sound, offers different toys to stimulate motor skills – rattles, rustling paper, bells, spinning toys, etc. all offer your baby different stimuli and thus more variety.

FAQ For Play Arches For Babies

At what point does a play bow make sense?

A play arch for babies is recommended from the 3rd month at the earliest, since from this age usually the first interest in playing is developed. However, you should always pay attention to the child’s individual stage of development. It is perfectly fine to wait a little longer with the play bow. It is important that the baby is never left unattended and that the manufacturer’s instructions and age recommendations are followed.

How long baby under play arch?

Babies can not yet concentrate on one thing for so long and also their attention is not yet as persistent as that of older children or adults. Therefore, you should only put your baby under the play arch for 5 to 10 minutes. Of course, you should observe the reactions and react if necessary.

Until when play bow?

Play arches are especially attractive for babies, because they are not yet very mobile and thus still have a great occupation. However, when your child starts crawling, he or she will quickly turn to other great things in the environment. As a rule, children can crawl from 10 months at the latest. Some can even do so after half a year. So you see: the duration for the use of a play bow is individual and adapted to the interests and possibilities of the baby. Of course, depending on the stage of development, it can also make sense to offer a play bow for longer than 10 months.

What should I look out for in a play bow?

In addition to the manufacturer’s specifications and the age recommendation, you should always take into account the individual development of your child. It is also important that the materials are non-toxic and safe. There should be no small parts that can be swallowed or sharp edges. Also, play arches (especially heavy models made of wood) must stand safely so that they can not hurt your child. The chosen play bow should also have a test seal. As a general rule, never let your child play unsupervised. If you would like a comprehensive overview with clear purchase recommendations, please take a look at our product guide

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