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The Best Sellers Of Puzzle Mats For Babies – Guidebook

Puzzle mats are already for the very young a soft surface to play on. Later, with increasing age, the depicted motifs become interesting. In addition, your child can build houses, caves or other things. There are no limits to the fun of playing.

Our checklist shows you the most important features that a puzzle mat should have and the top 10 recommendations can be found below. Have fun!

The Bestsellers Of The Puzzle Mats

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular puzzle mats for you.

Checklist For Puzzle Mats

Checklist For Puzzle Mats

  • Babies as young as about 6 months can play on puzzle mats and lie comfortably on the cushioned surface.
  • The puzzle factor then becomes more interesting as they get older.
  • Classically, puzzle mats are colorfully designed and have numbers and letters on the individual elements, each of which can be separated out and puzzled together again.
  • Modern variants are also available in plainer colored designs and with animal motifs.
  • Other models have similar motifs to play rugs. With them, different streets can be puzzled together again and again.
  • The puzzle mats are made of individual foam sheets that are 1 to 1.4 cm thick.
  • It is important that the material is free of harmful substances, because your baby will of course come into direct contact with the material.
  • TÜV certificates provide security with regard to the harmlessness of the material.
  • In addition, the material should be very robust and tear-resistant , so that your child can not accidentally tear off something and swallow it in the worst case.
Learning Effects
  • By arranging the different puzzle pieces, not only the hand-eye coordination is promoted, but also the motor skills.
  • From a certain age, children can lay patterns, shapes or other images, which additionally stimulates imagination and creativity.

We have compiled the best and most interesting puzzle mats. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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Current Offers Of Puzzle Mats

You can find the best current offers on puzzle mats in this list.

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FAQ About Puzzle Mats

Which puzzle mats are safe?

Puzzle mats are safe if the material is free of harmful substances and very tear-resistant.

Which puzzle mat for baby?

Various puzzle mats are suitable for babies. In our product recommendations you will surely find what you are looking for.

Which puzzle mats are good?

There are many good puzzle mats. Our checklist will tell you what makes a good puzzle mat.

How much does a puzzle mat cost?

Cheap puzzle mats are already available from about 15 euros.

What is a puzzle mat?

A puzzle mat is a playing surface that consists of individual foam elements. These can be put together again and again.

Puzzle mat: From when?

There is usually no age limit for a puzzle mat. Even when your baby is still lying under the play arch, a puzzle mat can serve as a soft base. However, it is only really played with from about 1 to 2 years.

How does a puzzle mat work?

You can imagine a puzzle mat as a giant, soft puzzle. So it is assembled and can then be used as a carpet or for building.

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