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Reer Changing Table Radiant Heater 1909 With Stand

Reer Changing Table Radiant Heater 1909 With Stand

Technically, this radiant heater is kept very simple – there are no other extras, such as an automatic shutoff. Therefore, it is an absolute tip for foxes who want to save money and can also be used as an outdoor radiant heater later on. A very drifting reason, if one can do without further features.

Marie Kulmann, Mother & Editor

Reer Changing Table Radiant Heater 1909 With Stand

The changing table radiant heater from reer, ensures safety with its sheathed heating element, drip-proof housing, strictly controlled production and robust electrics. The high-quality heating element with 650W is energy-saving and provides a pleasant and constant heat. The extendable telescopic stand and swiveling housing, allow for precise positioning on the changing table. Since it does not need to be mounted first, it is a good alternative to fixed radiant heaters. Rapid heating and its mobility, make it the ideal companion during diaper changing time.

Technical details

  • Dimensions without telescopic extension (height/width/depth): 62.8 x 13.2 x 12.4 cm
  • Radiant heater with 650W for an even and comfortable heat emission
  • Uncomplicated wall mounting possible

Equipment And Accessories

  • Solid base with extendable telescopic stand
  • Replaceable Safety Heating Rod With Wire Mesh

The heating head can be swivelled by 45


✅ Many individual compartments

✅ zipper pocket for valuables and pocket mirror

✅ 2 insulated pockets

✅ Diaper pocket with elastic waistband

✅ changing mat included

✅ easy attachment to the stroller

✅ small metal feet

✅ can also be used as a handbag after changing time


❌ none

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