The 9 Best Hidden Object Books For Children – Guidebook

Hidden object books are probably one of the timeless classics of children’s books. They have accompanied the little ones for ages and still do. However, the selection of these books is huge and it is easy to lose sight of what is really important here.

Therefore, we have compiled a checklist for you with the most important information and also direct product recommendations. So you can find the right Wimmel book for your child. Have fun discovering!

Checklist Hidden Object Book

Book Format
  • Wimmel books usually have a format of DINA4, more rarely DINA5 or 3.
  • However, a larger format offers more space for illustrations and interesting details.
  • This also makes it easier for children to find the object they are looking for, as the concepts are often clearer on larger pages.
  • Wimmel books are suitable for children 18 months and older.
  • At this age, children can recognize their first things in the book, point to them and name them.
  • Children aged 2 – 3 years are usually able to recognize and tell certain everyday scenes and stories.
  • For children 18 months and older, solid cardboard Wimmel books with rounded corners are recommended.
  • Wimmel books are available for different theme worlds.
  • They are available for knights, castles, princesses, ships, cars and so on.
  • The variety of different areas ensures that there is something suitable for every child.
  • So you should definitely include in your decision what your child is enthusiastic about.
  • Wimmel books always work on a playful principle, but are available for different purposes.
  • They can be both playful for working out exploration, but they also exist as a kind of encyclopedia. Here, certain things that need to be found are provided with appropriate definitions and explanations, which can represent an enormous learning gain for your child.
Additional Functions
  • Contrary to the classic hidden object books, there are also modern variants that also have additional electrical functions.
  • Certain things that are found can be touched by any battery-powered accessory pins and emit light or sound effects.
  • Such additional functions increase the multi-faceted exploration and also enable your child to get to grips with technical processes for the first time.

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The Best Sellers Of Hidden Object Books For Children

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular Wimmel books for you.

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Current Offers Of Wimmel Books For Children

Here you will find a collection of the current offers of hidden object books.

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FAQ Hidden Object Book

What is a Wimmel book?

Wimmel books are special picture books printed in DINA4 on strong cardboard. Wimmel books are characterized by large illustrations.

Why is it called a Wimmel book?

The term “Wimmel” was chosen because Wimmel books are full of people, details, animals and things.

From when Wimmelbuch?

Wimmel books are suitable for children 18 months and older.

Are hidden object books educational?

Hidden object books are considered to be educationally valuable, because through them a child can discover strategies without a classic “red guide”, with the help of which he can understand the world and develop stories.

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