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The 16 Best Radio Plays For Children – Guidebook

When was the last time you bought an audio game for your child? Audio games for children are a wonderful alternative to the TV. Thanks to audio plays, children can immerse themselves in exciting fantasy worlds and switch off from everyday life for a while. Besides, they can do other nice things like painting or handicrafts. The presence of an adult is not necessary, as long as an age-appropriate radio play is selected.

Which audio books are the best? We have compared audio plays for children and selected the best for you. So you are sure to find a nice audio play for your child.

Checklist For Audio Games For Children

  • Radio plays stimulate your child’s imagination and thus encourage their own fantasy and imagination. This creates a nice change from movies and series.
  • Listening to a variety of stories also trains concentration and listening skills.
  • Radio plays promote the development of language. Your child can expand its vocabulary in a playful way.
  • There is also the possibility to playfully learna new language.
  • Your child is not exposed to overstimulation by too many/fast pictures or noises.
  • The empathy of your child is trained by the empathy with the stories of the radio plays.
  • By listening to different stories, your child can learn new ways of acting and solving conflicts.
Age Recommendation
  • When buying an audio play, you should pay attention to the age recommendation. There are suitable audio plays for every age.
  • Stories that are too exciting can make it difficult or even impossible to fall asleep (this doesn’t just apply to scary stories, too adventurous and exciting themes scratch that itch).
  • Younger children in particular still need to practice listening (e.g., with lots of musical elements and/or by hearing characters they have seen before in books or movies and series).
  • When it comes to the selection of audio plays, the variety is huge. You can choose from many different well-known and new exciting stories.
  • Especially popular classics like Pippi Longstocking and Bibi Blocksberg are available for listening.
  • There are audio plays for many well-known characters (The little dragon Coconut & Benjamin Blümchen).

The bestselling radio plays for children

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular audio games for children for you.

Tip: For the best 15 children’s books, you can find great books for kids in our guide to the best children’s books.

Current Offers Of Audio Plays For Children

Here you can find a collection of the current offers of audio games for children.

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FAQ About Audio Plays For Children

Which audio plays are particularly suitable for children?

Audio plays for children should always be appropriate for their age. Classics like Pippi Longstocking are particularly popular. However, Bibi Blocksberg or radio plays in which children can learn something are also popular. We have summarized the most popular and best audio plays for you in the product recommendations.

Which radio plays are suitable for which age?

Young children sometimes need some time to get used to the new listening experience without predetermined pictures. In this case, stories with people or other characters that the child has already seen on television or in a children’s book are suitable. Music and songs with simple lyrics to sing along to can also make it easier to get started. Older children can already understand more complex plots, but here too, attention should be paid to the age recommendation.

Where can I find audio plays for children?

In addition to the classic CD, there are many different ways to find audio plays for children on the Internet. We have summarized the best audio plays in our product recommendations.

What do audio plays promote?

Through audio games, the child can expand his imagination and his ability to concentrate. Listening skills are also encouraged. In addition, the linguistic development and creativity is supported.

Which radio play is best suited for language development?

To support the development of the German languages, the radio play “Buchstaben und Laute! by Swantje Zorn is particularly well suited. For the development of English languages, the radio play “Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss kommt in die Schule” is recommended.

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