The 20 Best Children’s Book Classics – Guidebook

For children, there are a variety of children’s books that different generations enjoy reading over and over again. These include, for example, basic themes, such as friendship or family stories. However, before buying, you should consider whether the subject matter is appropriate for your child’s age. The stories should therefore not be too exciting or …

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The 15 Best Children’s Books From 7 Years – Guidebook

Choosing a children’s book is usually not that easy. For schoolchildren in particular, it can be a bit more exciting, but it should never be overwhelming . Most children develop special interests and needs in their different phases of life. An appropriately selected children’s book can be a wonderful starting point: In addition to the …

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The 15 Best Children’s Books From 5 Years Old – Guidebook

Finding the right children’s book for the appropriate age group is not always easy. Children from the age of 5 are gradually opening up their world and make their first reading experiences in preschool. In view of the approaching start of school, it is therefore already sensible to teach children the joy of reading through …

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