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The 15 Best Children’s Books From 5 Years Old – Guidebook

Finding the right children’s book for the appropriate age group is not always easy. Children from the age of 5 are gradually opening up their world and make their first reading experiences in preschool. In view of the approaching start of school, it is therefore already sensible to teach children the joy of reading through play. But which children’s books are best suited for this purpose and what things should be considered?

To help you in your search, we have created a checklist that you can use as a guide to finding the perfect children’s book for your child. For further support, we have also compiled popular children’s books for ages 5 and up in our product recommendations for you as a recommended purchase.

Checklist For Children’s Books From 5 Years

The right size
  • 80 to 100 pages are particularly suitable for reading aloud.
  • it makes sense to take breaks from time to time so that the child is not overwhelmed when reading aloud.
  • approx. 10,000 characters (incl. spacing).
  • the font should be large and easy to read.
  • some words can also be replaced by pictures, as children from the age of 5 can then already actively read along themselves.
Exciting Content
  • playful language and reading promotion is important, otherwise, boredom arises too quickly.
  • knowledge books can also be read aloud by parents, as long as they are specially designed for children – curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are satisfied in this way.
  • Non-fiction books also broaden horizons, so that children can learn more about their own bodies or the animal world, for example, without pressure, and at their own pace.
  • multi-volume book series can also be interesting for children as young as 5 years old.
  • Content and topics should be adapted to the age of the child,
  • Children from the age of 5 enjoy coherent narratives in sections or chapters, so the structure is already comparable to a “real” novel.
  • Pictures and drawings are becoming less important, but still provide variety at this age
  • at the age of 5, children are particularly sensitive to content that deals with bonds and friendships.
  • Not only is every child different, but so is every day. Pay attention to the shape of the day and the individual focus.
  • Tip: Do not over- or under-challenge children so that the joy of reading is maintained in the future.
  • Reading together and/or reading aloud should be fun and not dull the desire for books and stories. Therefore, look for books about topics that are of particular interest to your child.

We have compiled a list of recommended children’s books for ages 5 and up.

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The Bestsellers Of Children’s Books From 5 Years

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Current Offers Of Children’s Books From 5 Years

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FAQ About Children’s Books From 5 Years

Which children’s books are particularly popular?

Well-known authors include Astrid Lindgren and Liane Schneider. While Lindgren writes more for school children, Liane Schneider’s Conny series is also suitable for younger children

Which children’s books are suitable for which age?

Of course, every child develops individually, but it is still possible to assume certain phases in which children react particularly sensitively to certain stimuli and content. For example, care should be taken not to overwhelm young children with overly detailed pictures. Nevertheless, they need pictorial support at this age. Older children can usually follow a narrative without continuous pictorial support

When is a children’s book a good book?

Children’s books should always be selected according to their age. The expression, words and illustrations should be understandable for the child and provide room for new insights. The child should enjoy reading or listening and not be overwhelmed by overly complicated or scary content.

What topics are particularly appealing to children ages 5 and up?

Children 5 and older continue to be interested in animal and friendship stories. But nonfiction is also slowly taking on a greater importance in their lives. Particularly popular here are short read-aloud stories in which, for example, funny children’s questions are answered.

Which children’s books from the age of 5 are educational?

Children from the age of 5 are already of preschool age and are beginning to take a closer look at their environment. It can therefore make sense to discuss more challenging topics together with the child and thus give him or her a first feeling for letters and spelling. However, the child should not be overburdened, as he or she will not learn to read and write until later in school.

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