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The 9 Best Ski Helmets For Children – Guidebook

Ski helmets for children can be life-saving in case of accidents. When skiing, your child can have a great time with family or friends and is well equipped with the right helmet. You can find out what you should definitely consider in our checklist. The product recommendations below will also help you make your purchase decision. Have a good ride!

Checklist For Ski Helmets For Children

  • Keep in mind that children fall down more often than adults (also or especially during sports activities). Therefore, the EU standards(EN 1077 and GS seal) should be given for maximum safety. In addition, you can be sure that no harmful substances are contained.
  • The helmet must be chosen in the right size. To do this, you should measure the circumference of your child’s head on the forehead beforehand and buy the helmet in the size of the measured centimeters.
  • To check whether the ski helmet really fits tightly on the head and does not wobble, we recommend wiggling the head back and forth. If the helmet moves on the head in the process, it is too big.
  • There must also be comfort and freedom from pain. Thus, it is optimal if the helmet weighs less than 600 g.
  • Ski helmets for children are mostly made of plastic. You can choose between polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS).
  • Some manufacturers also offer fiberglass or carbon. These materials are much lighter and therefore more comfortable than plastic. The price is higher here, however.
  • A plastic helmet may be used for a maximum of 4 years, as it becomes brittle due to exposure to sunlight. You should also check the ski helmet carefully for cracks or similar after a fall. If it is damaged, it may no longer be used, since hardly any protection is given.
  • Look out for test seals such as TÜV, in order to obtain safe products that are free of harmful substances.
  • A ski helmet must be padded inside and at the closure in any case. This padding protects and provides comfort. Additionally, it should be removable as well as washable.
  • Ear prote ctors can be very useful against the cold. In many models they are included and some are removable.
  • For ventilation and longer preservation, you should pay attention to air vents in the upper area.
  • Some helmets also have an integrated visor, giving your child a wider view. For this, this variant is sensitive. As an alternative, there are ski goggles, but they usually fog up faster.

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The Best Sellers Of Ski Helmets For Kids

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular ski helmets for kids for you.

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Current Offers Of Ski Helmets For Kids

Here you will find a collection of current offers on ski helmets for kids.

FAQ For Ski Helmets For Kids

Ski helmet which size?

Fortunately, choosing the right size for a ski helmet is not difficult at all. You just have to measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure (just above the eyebrows, about 2cm) and the measured centimeter number corresponds to your size. This works for both children and adults.

How tight should a ski helmet fit?

Of course, a ski helmet should not hurt. But it is important that it does not slip or lurch. When you open the strap and move your head back and forth quickly, the helmet should stay tight.

What do you wear under a ski helmet?

As a rule, you don’t wear anything under a ski helmet to ensure a good fit and the safest skiing possible. However, there are special caps that you can wear under some models. To avoid putting yourself in danger, you should always check the ski helmet manufacturer’s recommendations. A safe and well-fitting ski helmet with thermal protection equipment will do very well without additional headgear. If you are afraid of getting cold ears, you can choose a ski helmet with integrated/removable ear protectors.

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