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The 8 Best Ski Suits For Kids – Guidebook

Ski suits are suitable for the winter so that your child can go sledding and romp in the snow without having to complain about soaked clothes later. The practical suits are available as one-piece or two-piece, whereby the one-piece is clearly preferred for babies. This does not slip, so your child can enjoy the snow without wet incidents. So that your child does not freeze, the ski suit should be well lined, among other things.

What else there is to consider before buying, we have summarized in a suitable checklist for you. In our product recommendations you will find many great ski suits.

Checklist For Mobile Ski Suits

Size And Fit
  • For babies and toddlers, one-piece suits are recommended that can’t slip when they’re romping in the snow.
  • For children who can already go to the toilet on their own, there are two-piece suits where the ski jacket and pants are connected with a zipper. These can also be opened and closed quickly by the child alone.
  • Older children usually prefer to wear two-piece suits. Pants with straps do not slip down even during fast skiing.
  • So that the child can wear other warm clothing such as thermal shirts, tights, or leggings under the ski suit, the overall should usually be chosen one size larger than the conventional clothing.
  • For easy putting on and taking off, the sleeves and leg cuffs should be elastic.
  • A good ski suit protects children from cold, wind and moisture.
  • On the outside, ski suits for kids are usually made of modern synthetic fibers that are both waterproof and insulating.
  • To protect against the cold, ski suits are lined. As a rule, manufacturers use wool, fleece or functional fibers. It is important that the lining keeps warm and transports body moisture from the inside to the outside.
  • Air permeability is specified in grams/square meter. The higher the value, the more breathable the ski suit.
  • You can tell how waterproof a ski suit is by the so-called water column. This is given in millimeters. Materials with a water column of 800 mm or more are waterproof. Modern ski suits for children often have a water column of between 10,000 and 20,000 mm.
  • To ensure that no moisture can penetrate the ski suit, it should have taped, sealed or welded seams.
  • Snow guards on the inside of the leg cuffs also prevent snow from getting inside.
  • Since children can fall down while skiing and playing in the snow, ski suits with reinforced knees are recommended.
  • Side pockets are practical for storing handkerchiefs and other small items.
  • Reflective elements ensure better visibility at dusk and in the dark.

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The Best Sellers Of Ski Suits For Children

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular ski suits for kids for you.

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Current Offers Of Ski Suits For Kids

Here you will find a collection of the latest offers on ski suits for kids.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ski suit?

The ski suit is a garment that is worn when skiing, but is also suitable for children and babies to romp in the snow. It is easily pulled over the clothes and effectively protects your child from the wet.

What do you put on your child under the ski suit?

Undershirt, T-shirt, sweater and tights should be worn under the ski suit in any case. In addition, warm socks and a head covering are suitable, so that your child does not freeze at the feet as well as at the head.

How big should a ski suit be?

Basically, you can orient yourself on the usual clothing size of your child. However, since your child is wearing thin clothing under the ski suit, you should choose a size larger so that the ski suit does not unnecessarily constrict your child.

Which is better: one-piece or two-piece?

One-piece suits are better for babies because they fit perfectly and nothing can slip. So your baby can romp in the snow without any worries. Two-piece suits, on the other hand, are suitable for older children who can already go to the toilet on their own. Integrated straps ensure that nothing slips.

What material is a ski suit made of?

A ski suit must be lined in any case and protect your child from any weather conditions. The outside of the suit is usually made of synthetic fibers. The inside of the ski suit is usually lined with wool or fleece. It should also be waterproof so that your child does not get wet. A water column between 10,000 and 20,000 mm is particularly suitable to protect your child from snow or rain.

How is a ski suit equipped?

A ski suit should have smaller side pockets, so that the pacifier, tissues or other small items can be stored there. In addition, the fabric should be elastic so that your child can quickly put on and take off the suit. In winter it gets dark quickly, so reflectors can help to see your child well in the dark. Toddlers often trip or fall. Padded knees protect your child from possible injuries.

What does a ski suit look like?

Ski suits for children and babies are characterized by their colorful variety. Therefore, they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. When buying, cater to your child’s needs and let them choose the color and pattern of their ski suit.

How much does a ski suit cost?

A high-quality snowsuit usually costs between 20 and 50 euros. If in doubt, go for a more expensive one. With one of these, you can usually be sure that the skinsuit is waterproof and won’t allow any wetness.

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