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The 9 Best Children’s Games From Kosmos – Advisor

The 9 Best Children’s Games From Kosmos – Advisor

Children’s games from Kosmos offer variety in many ways. There are experimental kits, building sets and board and card games. All have one thing in common, they promote your child playfully with regard to various skills.

With the help of our checklist , you can find out which games are particularly suitable and what you should look out for. The top 9 recommendations are also helpful.

Checklist For Children’s Games From Kosmos

Age Recommendation
  • Kosmos produces children’s games for children from the age of 3.
  • Also available from Kosmos are experiment kits from 4 years and electronics or vehicle kits from about 6 years.
  • Pay attention to the individual developmental stage of your child. If the game is too easy or too difficult, interest is quickly lost.
  • There are also a variety of board or card games for older children and adults.
  • Kosmos produces board games, card games and many different experimentation kits or construction kits, for example for vehicles.
  • In addition to many of its own games, Kosmos also offers themed worlds such as Harry Potter, The Three ??? or The School of Magical Animals.
  • The variety of games ranges from fast tactics games, tactical building games such as Settlers of Catan, to adventurous Escape Room games with a captivating story.
Experimental Kits And Building Sets
  • The experimental kits deal with a specific topic, for example, making flummis or breeding prehistoric crabs.
  • There is something suitable for all ages from 3 years upwards: Little ones can make play-doh or get their first insights into the laws of nature from kindergarten age. Older children from the age of 6 will enjoy more complex experiments or electronics kits.
  • Kosmos attaches great importance to ensuring that the experiments can be carried out in an age-appropriate manner, i.e. that they correspond to the age recommendation stated on the packaging .
  • Nevertheless, you should support your child in case of problems.
Learning Effect
  • The games train tactics, logic, speed and dexterity – depending on the game.
  • With the experimental kits, children gain an insight into the laws of nature and learn to act independently and on their own responsibility.
  • In addition, social skills are promoted, because most games are played at least in pairs.
Quality and Safety
  • Kosmos games comply with the current guideline values for children’s toys. So they are tested for harmful substances and other dangers.
  • Nevertheless, you must be careful with small siblings that they do not swallow small parts.

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The Bestsellers Of Children’s Games From Kosmos

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular children’s games from Kosmos for you.

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Current Offers Of Children’s Games From Kosmos

Here you can find a collection of the current offers of children’s games from Kosmos.

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FAQ For Children Games

What is Kosmos?

The term “Kosmos” stands not only for the universe, but also for a popular publishing house. In addition to books, it also offers games and experimental kits. The Catan games are particularly popular.

Which games are good for children?

Games with educational value are especially good for children. Depending on age and development, different variants come into question (training concentration, fine motor skills, logical thinking, finding solutions, strategy planning, … ). Overall, however, it can be said that most children’s games are educationally valuable, because they are often played in social interaction and require at least some concentration and active actions. Children can even develop empathy through games (e.g., comforting the loser or thinking about what the other person is thinking or doing next).

Children’s games from when?

The age at which children’s games are suitable depends on the game in question. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most games are suitable from the age of 3 at the earliest, and more rarely from the age of 2. The higher the age rating, the wider the recommended age range. Games with a wide age range are particularly practical, as siblings in very different age groups can also have fun playing together.