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The 9 Best LEGO Batman Figures and Kits – Guidebook

With the LEGO Batman figures and kits your child slips into the role of the masked hero Batman and can dive into the world of Gotham City. This is not only incredibly fun, but also trains your child’s imagination. Based on the movie, LEGO has transformed the world-famous comic book hero and his adversaries, as well as accessories such as the Batmobile, into numerous building sets.

Our checklist gives you an overview of LEGO Batman figures and kits. You can also find the best LEGO Batman figures and kits in our product recommendation.

Checklist LEGO Batman Figures And Kits

  • LEGO Batman figures and kits contain small parts that can be swallowed and are therefore not suitable for small children.
  • To offer Batman fans of all ages a suitable building and playing experience, the sets are graded according to age, so always note the age recommendation. LEGO Batman products are suitable for ages 4 and up at the earliest.
  • Both young and old friends of the Dark Knight will be delighted with the wide range of variants. From the limited Minifigure to the extensive scenery with several vehicles and actors, everyone gets their money’s worth.
  • Not only Batman but also his adversaries, such as the Joker or Bane, are available as original LEGO mini-figures, individually or in thematically coordinated sets. This allows you to invent your own stories and authentically re-enact them.
  • Building sets with Batman are available from LEGO in various sizes. From small vehicles to sets with several hundred pieces, you can choose a Batman set that exactly matches your child’s building skills.
  • Action-packed special parts such as cannons, as well as digital simulations with the LEGO Life app, ensure never-ending building fun and ever-new building variations.
  • LEGO Batman figures and building sets can be easily integrated into the existing LEGO world in the children’s room at home. This creates even more play possibilities.
  • The large vehicles of the LEGO Batman series are equipped with sometimes relatively complicated mechanical inner workings. However, for a little effort in building, your child will get a true-to-the-original vehicle that comes up with many extras and excellent driving performance.
Fun To Play
  • Kids who love Batman can spend a long time building the model and playing afterwards.
  • Adding more minifigures from Batman’s world to the LEGO Batman building sets increases the fun even more.
  • Big Batman fans will be delighted with the large number of limited edition minifigureS, which will increase in collector valueover time.

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The Best Sellers Of LEGO Batman Figures And Kits

In this bestseller list we have collected the most popular LEGO Bataman Figures And kits For You.

Current offers on LEGO Batman Figures And Kits

Here you can find a collection of current offers on LEGO Batman figures and kits.

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What is LEGO?

LEGO is a company headquartered in Denmark. LEGO is one of the 3 largest toy manufacturers in the world. The company is known for its “Lego bricks”. These are plastic bricks that can be arranged in different ways according to the building block system.

Who invented LEGO?

Ole Kirk Christiansen has held the patent for the “Lego bricks” since 1958.

Where does LEGO come from?

LEGO originated in Billund, Denmark.

How long has LEGO been around?

LEGO was founded in 1932 by Danish master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. Initially, Christiansen founded the company to manufacture wooden toys. In 1947, the first plastic injection molding machines were purchased and then from 1949 the first building blocks were produced.

What does LEGO mean?

The name LEGO is an abbreviation for the Danish “leg godt”, which translates to “play well”.

What does LEGO cost?

Small LEGO sets are available from around 50€, while large and rare sets can cost as much as several 100 to 1000 euros.

Why does LEGO work so well?

There are tubes on the bottom of the Lego brick or figure, while there are knobs on the top. This allows all the LEGO individual pieces to be connected to each other.

Where does LEGO produce its bricks?

LEGO produces its bricks at three main locations: Billund, Denmark, Nyíregyháza in Hungary and Monterrey in Mexico.

How long does LEGO last?

LEGO is made of ABS, which is a very thick and stable material, so one “Lego brick” can last up to 1300 years.

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