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The 16 Best Games For 5-Year-Old Children – Guidebook

Games for 5-year-old children are a nice leisure activity. To get a good overview, take a look at our product recommendations and checklist. This will give you some ideas and all the information you need. Have fun shopping and browsing!

Checklist Of Games For 5-Year-Old Children

The Age
  • The developmental steps in the sixth year of life are very exciting for parents: the child becomes more and more independent, understands instructions and can occupy himself for longer and longer. In terms of cognitive, emotional and motor development, your child is making great progress. In addition, school enrollment is approaching soon. You can support your child’s development wonderfully with games.
The Upcoming Enrollment
  • Firstsimple learning games such as Wir spielen Schule (We play school) by Ravensburger or Schwungübungen (Swing exercises) from 5 years prepare children for the upcoming start of school. Learning games that help with reading and writing are already interesting now. Make sure the focus is on teaching knowledge through play.
  • Cognitive skills: Fun games for the whole family include Kakerlakak from Ravensburger. The classic board game provides lots of fun and action, and incidentally trains your child’s reaction skills. Ubongo Junior is also recommended: The entertaining tile-laying game is beautifully illustrated and promotes spatial imagination.
Social Development
  • An important part of learning and playing is social development. In parlor games, children learn to follow rules and how to resolve conflicts. A great parlor game is Monopoly Junior, for example. The game also trains the handling of money in a very playful way.
Motor Development
  • This is also progressing rapidly now. Your child is now constantly on the move and even catching the ball works quite well.
  • Fine motor skills are now dominated by either the right or left hand of your child.
  • Slowly your child learns to tie loops by himself.
  • To train your child’s fine motor skills, we recommend, for example, the game S.O.S Monkey Alarm – here fine motor skills are important, because the monkeys must not fall down!
Play Fun
  • With a 5-year-old child, you can already slowly approach”more difficult games”
  • However, the pure fun of playing should still be the main focus for 5-year-old children.

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The Best Sellers Of Games For 5 Year Old Children

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular games for 5-year-old children for you.

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Current Offers Of Games For 5 Year Old Children

Here you can find a collection of the current offers of games for 5-year-old children.

FAQ About Toys For 5 Years And Older

What to give children from 5 years?

There is a wide range of gifts for 5-year-olds. At that age, children can already play with more and detailed toys. You can find a great selection of toys that are suitable as gifts in our product recommendations.

What to play with 5 year olds?

Exciting games, card games, dolls but also games of skill go down well with 5 year olds. If there is interest, painting can also be done together.

What’s hot with 5-year-olds?

Fun games, card games or tricky games are great for children aged 5. In our guide, we’ll introduce you to some games.

What do 5-year-old girls like?

Creative toys for painting and handicrafts or even dolls are very popular with girls aged 5. We have also linked products in this guide.

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