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The 7 Best School Bags From Ergobag – Advisor

The 7 Best School Bags From Ergobag – Advisor

Are you looking for a school bag for your child that is ergonomic? Then a school bag from Ergobag is great. These have an ergonomic concept integrated, which ensures that posture problems and back pain are avoided. Take a look at our product recommendations. There you will find the best school bags from Ergobag. So that you also know all the important information, take a look at our checklist.

Ergobag School Bag Checklist

  • When buying a school bag from Ergobag, make sure that the school bag is not too heavy.
  • As a rule of thumb, a filled school bag should not weigh more than 12 – 15% of the body weight.
  • Accordingly, the satchel should only be packed with the most essential items. School supplies and food for your child belong in the satchel. Superfluous items should not be packed inside.
  • Perhaps your child can agree with the person sitting next to him or her and everyone always brings a certain book.
  • School bags should be equipped with reflective strips to increase visibility in the dark.
  • The increased visibilityprovides additional safety when your child goes to school early in the morning or in the winter.
  • The reflectors also reflect car headlights, for example, and drivers can see your child better.
  • Pay attention to whether the school bag is also sold as a set.
  • Many manufacturers offer complete sets that include a pencil case and a sports bag in addition to the school bag. So you can possibly save a little on expenses. Good sets can be bought at a reasonable price. Check out our product recommendations.
  • There is a huge selection of designs. There are not only many colors to choose from, but also motifs.
  • These can be abstract motifs such as shapes or motifs such as animals.
Ergonomically Correct
  • The best thing about Ergobag school satchels is that they have an ergonomic concept. This means that the satchels are particularly snug and comfortable against the back. This is gentle on the back and puts less strain on it.
  • This can prevent back and posture damage.
  • The Ergobag can be adjusted to fit your child’s back precisely. You can either make this adjustment yourself or have it done by a specialist retailer.
  • If you make the adjustment yourself, first measure the length of your child’s back. Then put the measuring tape on the satchel. This determines the ideal height for your child. Then you can adjust the satchel. To do this, simply loosen the fastener behind the shoulder strap. Then the satchel can be adjusted.
  • The advantage is that the satchel can grow with your child and you do not always have to buy a new one.

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FAQ School Bags From Ergobag

How heavy should a school bag be?

There are different recommendations for this. Many make the answer dependent on the body weight of the child. A rough rule of thumb is that the weight of the school bag should only be about 12 – 15% of the child’s body weight.

What should be considered when buying a school bag?

A suitable school bag should not be too heavy. An ergonomic shape makes it easy to carry. Reflectors are also important to ensure increased visibility and safety in traffic for your child.

What does a school bag cost?

The cost of a school bag depends on the manufacturer and model. Often school bags are offered in a set with pencil case and sports bag. These sets cost on average between 70 and 250€.

When to buy a satchel?

When to buy a satchel is entirely up to you. Most people buy their satchel between February and April. However, some suppliers introduce the new collections in the fall the year before.

What goes in the satchel?

A pencil case and a gym bag belong to the satchel. Then the set is complete. In addition to the school materials, the satchel also contains food for the child and possibly hygiene products such as tissues and the like.

Buying a school bag: What to look for?

When buying a satchel, you should make sure that it is well made and fits snugly on your child’s back. Ideally, the satchel should have an ergonomic fit.

Which satchels are the best?

The best satchels are those with an ergonomic fit. These do not damage the back of your child.