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The 35 Best Children’s Shoes Recommended By Orthopedists – Guidebook

The first children’s shoe is very important for your child. To give your child a good start, it is important to choose the right shoe. Since the selection is very large, we have compared different models for you and listed the best children’s shoes in our product recommendations. To make sure you consider all the important criteria when buying, take a look at our checklist. We also show you how to find the perfect children’s shoe in just a few steps.

Checklist For Children Shoes

  • Children’s shoes are available in standard EU sizes. Start doing shoes from size 15.
  • When buying the shoes should be at least 1 – 1.5 cm longer than your child’s feet, so that your child can enjoy the shoe longer and it also fits comfortably.
  • Since children do not yet have a pronounced sense of pain, they can not tell whether the shoe pinches or not.
  • There are several ways to determine the right shoe size. You can measure your child’s foot and look in the table below to see what size your child needs, or you can make a foot template and measure it. The instructions for building the template can be found below. Alternatively, you can also use a measuring device for feet.
  • Based on customer reviews, you can see whether the children’s shoes may be smaller or larger and accordingly order the appropriate shoe size for your child.
  • For children’s shoes made of natural materials, it is important to care for them appropriately.
  • Shoes made of natural materials should be impregnated before first use to make the shoe more durable and waterproof.
  • Some materials, such as natural rubber and leather, should also be treated regularly with special wax or oil to protect and maintain the shoe.
  • You can find the wax, oil or even waterproofing spray in shoe stores but also online.
  • In winter, your child should wear lined and waterproof shoes. This guarantees that your child has warm feet and they do not get wet.
  • The selection of children’s shoes is huge. They come in all colors and for all different uses.
  • There are slippers, rubber boots, winter boots, sports shoes and walkers, and many more.
  • Baby walkers are great for the process of learning to walk. Especially if your child runs a lot outside, it is important to wear a shoe.
  • With the colors you can decide according to your desire or that of your child. There are shoes in every imaginable color from simple gray to bright yellow.
  • But there are also shoes with motifs, such as dinos or butterflies.
  • Some children’s shoes are closed with a Velcro closure and others have laces. But there are also children’s shoes in which your child can simply slip in. It is important that your child’s shoe is well closed so that your child has a firm grip and can not trip over the laces.

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FAQ Kids Shoes

Children’s shoes: What size?

To determine the right shoe size, you should measure your child’s foot with a tape measure, for example. With our table you can then easily get the right shoe size. Also remember that when buying children’s shoes, there should still be about 1 – 1.5 cm growth allowance in the shoe

Does my child need shoes to learn to walk?

Children do not need shoes to learn to walk. Walking without shoes is very healthy. However, if your child is walking outside or on cold floors, it is recommended to put on children’s shoes

What is the smallest shoe size?

The size of children’s shoes starts from size 15, but it is important to measure your child’s feet. This is the only way to guarantee the right size.

How do I make sure that my child wears the right size?

To make sure your child wears the right size, it is important to measure the right size. It should always be made sure that your child has a little air in the front. If the toes are too close in the front, then this is not the right shoe size for your child.

Which children’s boots are suitable for winter?

Lined and waterproof children’s boots are best. So your child has warm feet that can not get wet in snow and mud.

Which shoes for babies?

For babies, it is especially important that the shoe is very flexible and elastic. However, the shoe must still have a firm grip. It is important that it is comfortable for your baby.

How fast do children’s feet grow?

On average, children’s feet grow 1.2-1.5 mm per month. This can have a significant impact on shoe size. That’s why it’s important to measure your child’s feet regularly.

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