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The 7 Best Anal Chains – Guide

You are eager to experiment and like anal penetration? Then anal chains are a great option to test new things and experience special pleasure.

We have collected the best anal chains for you in our product recommendations. To make sure you know everything you need to know about anal chains and make the right choice, check out our checklist.

Anal Chain Checklist

  • Anal chains are available in many colors. Surely your favorite color is also included
  • Different materials: silicone or stainless steel or glass.
  • Various lengths and sizes: For beginners , a length of 15 cm is recommended. Experts use extreme lengths like 27 cm or more
  • Important: You should always use enough lubricant to avoid injuries.
  • You should choose a water-based lubric ant here, as this cannot attack the toy. With water-based lubricant, it is important to lubricate again and again.
  • An anal chain has a loop at the end with which the chain can be pulled out of the anus. At the same time, the loop prevents the anal chain from slipping into the bowel
How it works
  • Anal chains consist of several balls in a row and a return device (e.g. loop).
  • A special shape at the end prevents the chain from slipping into the bowel. Attention: Not every chain has this “stop device”.
  • Before you insert the anal chain, you should treat it and your anus with sufficient lubricant
  • Now your chain can be inserted into the anus and pulled out again. The speed is up to you. Make sure you choose a rhythm that is appropriate for you
  • The balls and their different sizes stimulate this particularly erogenous zone
  • If you don’t want to experience an unpleasant surprise during anal sex, it is recommended to use an anal douche beforehand
  • Most anal chains are made of silicone. This is flexible and slides easily into the anus
  • However, there are also anal chains made of stainless steel or glass
  • It is important that the material does not contain phthalates
  • After use, your toy is best cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. Afterwards you can use a toy cleaner to disinfect your toy

We have collected the best and most interesting anal chains. You can find our recommendations of anal chains here.

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The Best Sellers Of Anal Chains

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular anal chains for you.

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Current Offers Of Anal Chains

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FAQ About Anal Chains

What are anal chains?

Anal chains are sex toys and consist of several balls in a row (“chain”) and a return strap and often also a stopper. They are used for sexual stimulation of the anus and are inserted and slowly pulled out. They can be worn during sex or used alone or in addition to petting/masturbation. Due to the wide range of many different lengths and sizes, even beginners will find the right product. Our product recommendations list the most popular and best anal chains.

Which lubricant for anal toys?

The choice of lubricant depends on the intended use. Especially for toys, it is important to choose the right variant. Silicone-based lubricants are not suitable for toys made of silicone. Therefore, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions!

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are balls in different sizes that form a kind of chain. Anal balls are often called anal chains.

What are anal chains good for?

Anal balls are suitable as a preparation for anal sex and for anal penetration alone.

How to use anal chains?

Anal beads are inserted into the anus. It is best to use a lubricating gel. This is followed by stimulation of the pleasure center.

Who uses anal beads?

Anal beads can be used by anyone for whom anal penetration is a possibility.

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