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The 15 Best Anal Vibrators – Guidebook

You want to try anal vibrators, but do not know which one to choose because the selection is too large? Then take a look at our product recommendations. There you will find the best anal vibrators. It’s also worth taking a look at our checklist. There you will find not only all the important information but also tips and tricks for use.

Anal Vibrator Checklist

  • The scope is always different. There are anal vibrators with or without the remote control. Attention: the batteries are not always included.
  • The selection of different lengths is huge: from 7 cm (good for beginners ) to 13 cm or 15 cm, but also extreme lengths like 20 cm can be purchased.
  • There are different shapes like ball shape or heart shape. There are also anal chains as a vibrator.
  • Different colors: classic black or yet a bright color. Here the choice is huge.
  • A stopper at the end is recommended because then you are protected from the vibrator slipping into your intestine.
  • The vibration levels vary in strength. From very light to very strong vibrating.
  • Some models include a remote control. This allows you or your partner to control the vibration level.
  • Some models can even be controlled via an app. The vibrator is connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth. Thus, the vibrator can be switched on via an app. But also the vibration levels can be controlled via the app.
  • Beginners should choose small models: it is recommended to start with a size of 7 cm.
  • For anal stimulation, you should take your time, because it takes a little time for the sphincter muscle to get used to the stretch.
  • Use lubricant: this avoids injuries. It is important to use a water-based lubricant. This will not damage the material of the vibrator.
  • Follow the manufacturers and safety instructions (not every lubricant is suitable for every toy).
  • Make sure that there is a loop or similar at the end. So the toy can not simply disappear in the anus and can be safely taken out.
  • When used in partnership: Trust and empathy are important. Do not let yourself be persuaded to do anything if you are not ready.
  • You can also insert the vibrator yourself. To do this, lie on your back or squat down. This way you can determine the speed yourself.
  • Most anal vibrators are made of silicone. But there are also some made of hard plastic.
  • It is recommended to use silicone anal vibrators, because the silicone is especially slippery.
  • If you choose a silicone anal vibrator, it is important that your lubricant is water-based. This way, the material of your toy will not be attacked.
  • Important: Your toy should not be made of jelly or contain phthalates.
  • Before the anal vibrator is inserted, it and your anus should be lubricated with sufficient lubricant.
  • The best position for insertion is lying on your back or squatting down. Insert the anal vibrator slowly, so that it is comfortable for you.
  • When the anal vibrator is inserted, you can turn on the vibration. It is best to start with a light level and slowly increase
  • When you are done with the penetration, you can pull out the vibrator with the help of the loop at the end.
  • It is important that you clean your toy after use. The best way is to use lukewarm water and PH-neutral soap. But there is also an extra Toy Cleaner which you can use additionally.

We have collected the best and most interesting anal vibrators.

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The Best Sellers Of Anal Vibrators

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Current Offers On Anal Vibrators

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FAQ About Anal Vibrators

How to use an anal vibrator?

Anal vibrators are usually designed to be inserted into the anus. They usually have different vibration levels (strength, pattern) and are available in different sizes, colors and designs. There are also special models that specifically stimulate the prostate.

Which anal vibrator is the best?

Which anal vibrator is the best depends on the user. Individual preferences should be taken into account. For beginners, a small model is particularly suitable. It is important that the anal vibrator is made of safe materials. A stopper at the end is also recommended. In our product recommendations there are the best and most popular models.

Anal vibrator: what size?

Anal vibrators come in different sizes. This can be chosen according to your preference. For beginners, it is recommended with a size of 7 cm. But there are also sizes like 13 cm, 15 cm and more.

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