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The 9 Best Love Balls For Women – Guidebook

The 9 Best Love Balls For Women – Guidebook

With a love ball for women you can, among other things, train your pelvic floor and at the same time provide exciting moments. Therefore, this is not, as often assumed, a pure sex toy. Instead, the balls can effectively contribute to relaxation in everyday life, since you can carry them practically everywhere (for example, while shopping or jogging).

Nevertheless, you should consider some things when choosing a love ball, which we have summarized for you in a checklist. Our product recommendations should additionally support you when buying. So you will certainly soon find the right love ball for you!

Checklist For Love Balls

  • With love balls you can easily strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This is important because the pelvic muscles are there, for example, to retain urine. A slackening of the muscles can therefore lead to physical discomfort, which in the long run can be very unpleasant for any woman. Often, this condition also occurs after childbirth.
  • The insertion is similar to that of a tampon, as love balls also have a so-called return frenulum. It is important that the pelvic floor muscles are relaxed.
  • Tip: If the insertion does not work optimally, you can also use a lubricant. It is also important that you wash your hands thoroughly beforehand to prevent the development of bacteria.
  • If you are using love balls for the first time, it can be useful to start with a smaller size so that your body gets used to the ball first. However, if the training is already advanced, a larger love ball can be used.
  • If the love balls are used correctly, you should not usually feel them at rest
  • If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in the long term, it is not enough to simply wear the balls regularly. Instead, you should keep moving so that the weights in the love balls move and rotate. However, this is quite simple, as you can easily wear the balls during everyday activities. So you don’t have to explicitly do sports to strengthen your muscles. However, the rotation of the balls is very important in training, so that the muscles are stimulated and strengthened. It makes sense to start with shorter sessions (about 15 minutes) and then increase slowly to prevent muscle soreness. Therefore, it is recommended to use the balls twice a day for the specified period of time.
  • However, love balls can also be used as sex toys. The vibrations of the balls generally strengthen the sensation of pleasure. Some love balls can even vibrate, which can provide additional stimulation. With these, it is possible to control the effect and intensity with remote control. A well-trained pelvic floor can certainly ensure that you experience an orgasm faster.
  • Important: After use, the love balls should always be cleaned with soap and water! Otherwise, you accept that bacteria will accumulate. There are also special disinfectants for sex toys that you can use. It is best to store the love balls in a safe place where they do not gather dust or other dirt. Therefore, a small casket or bag is suitable.
  • Love balls have different weights and sizes. In the beginning, you should choose a size of 4 centimeters, the weight can vary between 25 and 160 grams. As a beginner, it is also advisable to use a lighter ball at first to get used to the feeling. For an effective workout, however, heavier love balls are worthwhile.
  • It is also possible to choose between different designs. The selection is now so large that there is certainly a suitable color for you. Here, one or more balls can be present.
  • The material of the balls is also quite different. There are love balls made of silicone, plastic, metal, or even glass. Balls made of plastic are mostly quite cheap, but can also contain harmful substances. Therefore, love balls made of silicone are best for the beginning, as they are not too heavy compared to metal balls.
  • When buying a love ball , you should pay attention to quality. Of course, it also depends on what functions the ball has. High-quality models can cost well over 100 euros. Cheaper copies, however, can be purchased for as little as 25 euros.
  • You should clean your balls after use with water and a mild soap. Afterwards you should use a toy cleaner. This way your toy will be properly disinfected and ready for the next use.

We have compiled the best and most interesting love balls. You can find our recommendations of love balls here.

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The Best Sellers Of Love Balls

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular love balls for you.

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Current Offers Of Love Balls

You can find the best current offers on love balls in this list.

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Love Balls Advice

Which Love Balls Are Right For Me?

There are love balls in all possible shapes, sizes, and with different weights. It is not so easy to find the right model for your needs. It is important to start slowly. If you are completely new to pelvic floor training, then the love balls should be quite small and, above all, not too heavy.

You should also ask yourself what the love balls should be able to do. Would you prefer classic love balls or ones with vibration function and remote control?

Would you like electric love balls with remote control or rather a classic model?

Type A prefers classic love balls without extra functions. They are inserted into the vagina and the pelvic muscles are trained by the muscle contractions automatically performed by the body. Type B prefers vibrating love balls with remote control. The vibration does not contribute extra to the pelvic floor muscle training but feels pleasant, because love balls are, after all, not only training equipment but also sex toys. The advantage of devices with remote control is that women can also be spoiled by the partner surprisingly and spontaneously.

You want classic love balls?

You are type A!

Classic love balls come in different designs. They are inserted into the vagina and have a return strap for easy removal. Especially sets with different sizes are perfect for training the pelvic floor muscles, but classic love balls also provide relaxation and pleasure in bed alone or with a partner. For type A, three of my love ball recommendations come into question: The Elanee pelvic floor training aids, the Rianne S love balls in a practical set and the love ball set from Amorado.

Elanee Pelvic Floor Training Aids

The so-called cones by Elanee was specially developed for training the pelvic floor muscles. The set contains four tampon-shaped cones in different sizes and with increasing weight and are perfect for beginners. The Elanee pelvic floor training aids can already be used preventively during pregnancy, as well as after birth and are also super suitable for pelvic floor training during menopause.

According to the manufacturer, just two minutes of training a day is enough to strengthen the muscles within up to 8 weeks. In the beginning, the smallest cone with 20 g weight should be used, depending on how good you feel with it, you can go to the next higher level. For better training success, a helpful exercise program booklet is included.

Their practical tampon shape makes them easy to insert. If you want to use a lubricant for it, you should make sure to use a water-based one. After cleaning with warm water and soap, simply put the cones back in the hygienic blister.

Rianne S Love Ball Set

The Rianne S love ball set contains four balls with different weights and a holder for the balls, as well as a pretty storage bag. Due to the different weights of the balls, the set, similar to the one from Elanee, is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. The balls feel good and are made of soft silicone. Again, a water-based lubricant should be used when inserting them to avoid damaging the material. Thanks to the holder, a combination of two balls is also possible to increase the training effect. The love balls from Rianne S are suitable for pelvic floor training as well as a sex toy and are available at a good price.

Amorado Love Balls

The love balls from Amorado are also made of soft silicone. In the package is a single ball with 40g and two heavier double balls. Since the single ball is already quite heavy, I recommend the product rather for women who have already trained with a lighter model and want to increase even more.

Due to their weight and the double shape, the Amorado love balls provide a particularly intense workout and also serve as a lustful sex toy.

Included is a beautiful velvet pouch in which the love balls can be discreetly stored.

You would rather have vibrating love balls with remote control?

You are type B!

While classic love balls are also great for lovemaking, the vibrating version provides an even more intense feeling and also trains the pelvic floor muscles. For type B, two of my love balls recommendations are suitable, the LELO HULA Beads Kegel Balls and the Genmine love balls.

LELO HULA Beads Kegel Balls

The vibrating ball of LELO HULA is made of soft silicone and allows a pleasant insertion. If you would like to use a lubricant for this, then you should fall back on a water-based one.

The Kegel Balls have eight vibration modes that can be easily controlled by remote control. The upper part has a rotation function and thus provides an even more intense stimulation.

Of course, the LELO HULA Beads Kegel Balls are also wonderful for pelvic floor training, but are more suitable for advanced users who have already trained their muscles a bit.

I admit, I was initially put off by the high price of the Kegel Balls. But as a toy and muscle training aid, the product from LELO HULA does a great job and also comes up trumps with a beautiful design. Wen you want to use the cone balls regularly, this is a top recommendation!

Genmine Love Balls

Genmine also relies on soft and comfortable silicone for its love balls. The Genmine love balls have Bluetooth and can be easily controlled via smartphone app. You can choose between 10 vibration modes. The love ball has a pleasant shape and feels especially comfortable due to its special surface.

The Genmine love balls are also waterproof and help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles unobtrusively and incidentally, even within a tight daily routine. With the large selection of vibration strengths, the fun factor is not neglected either. Really a nice product with practical and easy operation.Now to our TOP 5 love ball selection.

Love Balls Info

Why do I need love balls?

Love balls are a well-known sex toy, but they are also a great training aid for building up the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth. Many new moms find a postpartum class too time-consuming. Love Balls are a great alternative to integrate the training into everyday life because you can simply wear them while you go shopping, meet friends, or while breastfeeding. This saves time and is still effective.

What happens to the pelvic floor during pregnancy and birth?

Already during pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles become softer and softer to prepare the body for the upcoming birth. After giving birth, many mothers then notice uncomfortable bladder weakness. The weak muscles of the pelvic floor can also result in a less intense feeling during sex. In very bad cases, it can even lead to vaginal prolapse and uterine or bladder prolapse.

For these reasons, mothers should take care to train their pelvic floor in good time. The positive side effect: regular training makes sex feel more intense – for both partners.

When you should start with pelvic floor training

In the first six to eight weeks after giving birth, mothers should first recover. The body needs time and should not be overstrained so quickly. After this time, the training of the pelvic floor can begin. Love balls are great for training the pelvic floor. You can also use them in addition to the regression course.

How do I train my pelvic floor with love balls?

If you want to start training, you should first look for small and, above all, comparatively light love balls. As with muscle training of other parts of the body, the weight is then gradually increased. For this reason, I have recommended you above especially love ball sets, where several love balls with different weights are included. To start, love balls of 15g to 20g are well suited.

The love ball is simply inserted into the vagina. A lubricant can be used as an aid, which should be water-based for most love balls. As soon as the love ball is inserted, your body virtually trains itself. The muscles automatically tense up, again and again, to prevent the love balls from coming out. The special thing about classic love balls is that they contain rotating metalcore that vibrates and thus stimulates the muscles.

Depending on the model, a maximum of fifteen minutes a day is enough at the beginning of the workout. If your muscles are still weak, you should not exceed this time and especially use a love ball with low weight, because it can also cause muscle soreness.

The advantages of love balls

Love balls are a perfect help to strengthen the pelvic floor after childbirth. Women with bladder weakness also like to use love balls, because regular use leads to a basic tension in the pelvic floor, which helps to hold urine. Strengthening the pelvic floor with love balls can also prevent serious diseases such as uterine prolapse and vaginal prolapse.

Love balls can also have a positive effect on your sex life. A strengthened pelvic floor muscles provides more tightness, which intensifies the feeling during sex for both you and your partner.

So love balls have a lot of positive effects and the training takes basically no time. Really practical and recommended for all moms.

FAQ About Love Balls

What are love balls?

Love balls are a sex toy, but they can also be used to train the pelvic floor muscles. They are inserted into the vagina and vary in size, weight and design depending on the product.

How do love balls work?

Love balls are inserted into the vagina. Thus, they are used for sexual stimulation. However, there are also particularly heavy balls (in different weight classes), so that you can use them (e.g. before or after childbirth) to train the pelvic floor muscles.

What are the benefits of love balls?

On the one hand, love balls can be used quite classically for sexual stimulation. Some of these variants even have a remote-controlled vibration function. But the balls are also suitable for training the pelvic floor muscles. They can be used in the context of pregnancy and birth preparation, for aftercare or in general.

When should love balls be used after childbirth?

After eight weeks, the muscles have usually not yet recovered from the birth. Therefore, it should be clarified with your responsible doctor when the training with the love balls can start again.

How long should love balls be worn?

At the beginning, you should first get used to the feeling of wearing the balls and not overstrain your muscles, otherwise you will quickly get sore muscles. It is therefore recommended to wear the balls only twice a day for 15 minutes. Later, the wearing time can be extended.

How do you insert love balls?

Love balls are inserted in a similar way to tampons and also have a so-called retraction band. This means that the love ball can be easily removed again.

What size love beads should I use?

At the beginning, a smaller size should be used so as not to overstrain the muscles. Therefore, a maximum size of 4 centimeters is suitable.

How do love balls feel?

Love balls fit properly when you do not feel them at rest. When you move, the rotation of the balls can have a stimulating effect.

How do I clean love balls?

Love balls should be cleaned carefully after each use. There are certain disinfectants for sex toys for this purpose. However, warm water and soap are just as effective.

How heavy should love balls be?

Love balls should not be too heavy to begin with, so a weight between 25 and 160 grams is recommended.

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