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The 6 Best Sex Machines For Women – Guidebook

You want a special device for penetration and maybe like it a little harder? Then sex machines are just right for you.

What sex machines are and what they can do, you can find out in our checklist. You can also find some models in our product recommendations.

Checklist For Sex Machines For Women

  • A sex machine is a remote controlled dildo or vibrator. Usually, this is integrated into a piece of furniture, such as a couch. However, the dildo can also be attached to a machine that moves the dildo forward and backward . This creates thrusting movements (simulating penetration). You thus experience a very real penetration experience.
  • Some models can also be attached to the floor with a suction cup. There you can determine the pace yourself.
  • The dildo or vibrator is integrated or even replaceable. There are models that have a very smooth surface. There are also those that are a replica of the penis. They have indicated veins and grooves.
  • You can adjust the strength of the thrusts. The strengths go from very light to strong. For the beginning, you should choose a light strength. The machines are also adjustable in height.
  • Most sex machines can be controlled by remote control or by app.
  • Proper sex machines require a certain amount of space. They are not even quickly stowed in the closet. Keep that in mind when buying.
  • The dildos and vibrators are mostly made of silicone or ABC plastic. TPE is also often used. The machine frames are mostly made of steel.
  • Some also offer sets. A machine including dildos and vibrators. Pay attention to this when buying.
  • You should also make sure that your dildos do not contain jelly or phthalates. In addition, the frame should appear stable and safe. So follow the instructions very carefully when assembling.
  • It is best to look for TÜV seals.
  • In order not to injure yourself, it is important that you know your own limits. You should not set the machine too strong at the beginning, but only to the lowest level.
  • You should always use lubricant, so the dildo can be inserted more easily and it is more pleasant for you.
  • Always keep control over the machine itself. Only hand it over if you trust the person 100%.
  • Make sure that your machine always has a safe stand. There should also be enough space around it.
  • After use, you should clean your machine. It is best to clean everything with lukewarm water and soap. Then use a toy cleaner.

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FAQ For Sex Machines

What is a sex machine?

A sex machine is a sex toy that simulates the process of penetration, i.e. penetration into the mouth, vagina and/or anus. Usually, the devices have different speed levels and several attachments. There are very extensive products (e.g. with a lying surface) and smaller handy models that are not much bigger than a usual vibrator.

What is a dildo machine?

A dildo machine (also: sex machine or colloquially called fuck machine) is a sex toy that is characterized by thrusting movements that are not controlled manually, but at most can be adjusted in their speed. Thus, penetration (anal, oral or vaginal) is simulated.

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