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The 8 Best Cable Reels – Guidebook

Cable reels are the easiest solution to access power anywhere. They are an all-purpose weapon for all events and occasions, as electricity is always needed.

For which purpose which cable drum is suitable and what you have to pay attention to in the care and use, you will learn in our checklist. You can find the right cable drum for you in our product recommendations.

Checklist For Cable Drums

Which Cable Does The Cable Drum Need?
  • How much current you can chase through the cable without risking overheating and thus a fire depends on the conductor cross-section. In Germany, the lowest approved average is 1.5 mm and is therefore suitable for all devices that can handle 230 V / 16 A.
  • Cable reels differ in cable length (in this country 25 meters and 50 meters) and cable color. In addition to aesthetic aspects, this is also a safety feature, because an orange cable is just easier to see in the grass than a black one.
Which Drum For Where?
  • The drum itself is made of either metal or plastic.
  • Metal ismore robust for construction sites, etc., because even with a few dents, the mechanism continues to function. In the indoor area, plastic drums offer the advantage that they do not scratch the parquet floor<./li>
  • The stand is regularly made of metal and has plastic protectors on some drums.
International Protection Code According To DIN EN 60529
  • An important role in terms of safety is played by the processing of electronic components. They are therefore divided into different IP classes for all to see.
  • The most common is IP20 (covered) for indoor use and IP44 (foreign body and splash-proof) for outdoor use.
  • IP50 would be a further increase and promises dust protection, from IP68 you get a dust and pressurized water proof drum.
  • Price-wise, of course, the type of finish also plays a role. An IP20 costs about 20 to 30 euros, while you have to pay well over double for an IP44.
Safety Relevant Additional Equipment
  • The automatic rewind is a nice gadget, while spring-loaded flaps, child safety locks and the overheating protection prevent safety and unwanted foreign matter entry.
  • One important fire safety rule you should remember, despite all the safety: NEVER plug a multi-plug into a multi-plug, not even into a cable drum.

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