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The 6 Best Brushwood Brooms – Guidebook

The brush broom is known to most people as a household tool with which dirt and grime can be swept away quite easily. It has been used for gardening for centuries of years, so it has become beautiful to look at as a decoration as well. Since it is made of natural material, it is also very environmentally friendly.

To help you find the right brushwood broom for you, we’ve put together a suitable checklist that provides you with sufficient information about all the important factors. Our product recommendations will also support you in your search.

Checklist For Brushwood Broom

  • You can use brushwoodbrooms as an alternative to a normal street broom for patio or garden.
  • Due to its original appearance, a brushwood broom can also be used as a decoration for the house or garden.
  • Especially at Halloween children are happy about the witch broom.
  • Brooms are mainly made of natural materials.
  • If you want to use the broom for gardening , it should be resistant.
  • In good brooms, the head is usually made of flexible birch twigs or willow branches or hard bamboo grasses.
  • With a mixture of different materials , you get a broom with a different thickness of bristles, which can be an advantage when sweeping.
  • The handle of a brushwood bro om is traditionally made of wood. Newer models are made of bamboo, a particularly sustainable material.
  • The width of the broom head for most brushwood brooms is between 30 and 60 centimeters. With which width you achieve the best result, you have to try out. The pressure with which you move the broom over the ground also plays a role here.
  • The length of the handle varies. You can find brooms with lengths between 140 and 190 meters. For ergonomic sweeping, you should choose a broom length that fits your height.
  • Some brush brooms are also sold without a handle. With these offers you have to buy a handle separately and assemble it yourself later.
  • You can often find brush broom heads in sets(5 to 20 pieces). So you always have a spare in the house.
  • Brushwoodbrooms should be sturdily made. If, for example, a steel wire was used to bind the brushwood, you can assume that the broom will withstand gardening well.
  • If you don’t want to simply put the broom in a corner after work is done, broom holders are available to hang your brushwood broom on.

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The Best Sellers Of Brushwood Brooms

In this bestseller list we have compiled the most popular brushwood brooms for you.

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Current Offers On Brushwood Brooms

Here you can find a collection of current offers on brush brooms.

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FAQ About Brush Brooms

What is a brush broom?

Today, the term is mainly reserved for a traditional broom, which consists of a bundle of twigs attached to a thick pole. You can use one to sweep your garden or patio, just as people did centuries of years ago.

How expensive is a brushwood broom?

A brushwood broom is not expensive and therefore quite affordable in terms of price. As a single piece, the broom usually costs around 15 euros, whereas you have to spend up to 40 euros for a set or a broom made of high-quality materials.

What material is a brushwood broom made of?

So that you can use the brushwood broom for a long time, it should be made of birch twigs, bamboo or willow branches. If the different branches are combined with each other, the brushwood broom is particularly resistant. The handle, on the other hand, is usually always made of wood and is therefore very durable and stable. Sometimes this must still be purchased separately for certain models.

How big is a brushwood broom?

A brushwood broom should be about 140 to 190 meters long. Nevertheless, this can also vary, so you should pay attention to which length best suits your own body size. The head, on the other hand, is usually ready between 60 and 80 centimeters.

How is a brushwood broom processed?

Usually a barbed wire is used to connect the different branches optimally. Then the branches are still cut to a uniform length.

Is a brushwood broom sustainable?

A brushwood broom is only sustainable if it is made entirely of natural materials. If you care about the environment, you should therefore check whether the brushwood broom contains plastic parts before buying it. A brushwood broom made of bamboo branches is particularly sustainable.

What are the functions of a brushwood broom?

The brushwood broom is primarily a household appliance and is used for sweeping. However, it is also very popular in combination with a Halloween costume. Likewise, it is excellent as a decoration in the house or garden.

Where can I buy a brushwood broom?

Nowadays, the brushwood broom is not as popular as it used to be and therefore cannot be purchased everywhere. Rather, modern brooms made of plastic prevail, which can be quickly produced in large quantities. However, in our product recommendations you will find some models that you will surely like.

What accessories are available?

If you have little space or want to store your broom neatly, a broom holder is recommended. This way, you always have the brush broom at hand and additionally ensure that it does not show any damage after a short time due to incorrect storage. Therefore, it makes sense to place the broom holder as high up as possible so that the sensitive branches of the broom head are not crushed.

How long does a brushwood broom last?

A brushwood broom usually only lasts up to half a year if you use it regularly for sweeping. Therefore, you should better buy a set, so that you do not have to constantly buy a new broom. If you only use it as a decoration or as part of a Halloween costume, you can usually use it for an unlimited period of time.

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