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The 5 Best Domestic Waterworks From Gardena – Guidebook

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The 5 Best Domestic Waterworks From Gardena – Guidebook

Home watering systems from Gardena are true watering all-rounders , whether for the shower, washing machine or toilets , the practical instrument from Gardena ensures that there is always enough water on hand. For your selection, it is crucial that you get an overview of the flow rate as well as the suction and delivery head of your domestic waterworks.

We offer you a detailed insight into all these topics in our checklist, after which you will receive many great suggestions for the best Gardena domestic waterworks via our product recommendations.

Checklist Gardena domestic waterworks

Delivery rate
  • For the supply of a one- or two-family house with service water for the toilet, washing machine or shower , including garden irrigation, a delivery rate of 3,000 to 3,500 liters per hour is perfectly sufficient.
  • If more than two parties in a house or a large kitchen garden are to be supplied with a sufficient amount of service water, then the delivery rate of the Gardena domestic waterworks should be at least 4,000 or better 5,000 liters per hour .
Suction height
  • The suction height indicates how many meters above the lowest water level the Gardena waterworks can be used, for example, in a cistern or well. Common suction heights for Gardena domestic waterworks are 5 or 7 meters.
Maximum head
  • This value is a measure of the maximum height at which the water can be conveyed as seen from the pump . The maximum delivery height depends on the pump capacity and the water pressure that the pump reaches. In the Gardena domestic waterworks and automatic domestic waterworks of the Classic and Comfort series , the maximum delivery head is 40 m for the Premium models up to 55 m .
  • A Gardena domestic water works always has an expansion tank. These equalization tanks are useful so that the pump does not always have to start when only a small amount of water is needed. This mode of operation saves electricity . However, when water is drawn , there may be slight pressure fluctuations .
  • A Gardena automatic domestic water dispenser does not have a surge tank . The pump is always switched on automatically. Even if only a small amount of water is needed, the pump of the automatic domestic water dispenser starts. As a result, these devices consume slightly more electricity on average over the year than a domestic waterworks . The water pressure is always constant .

Recommended Domestic Waterworks From Gardena

We have compiled the best and most interesting domestic waterworks from Gardena. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of The Domestic Waterworks From Gardena

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular domestic waterworks from Gardena for you.

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Current Offers Of Domestic Waterworks From Gardena

You can find the best current offers on domestic waterworks from Gardena in this list.

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FAQ About Gardena Domestic Waterworks

Domestic waterworks: what do you need to consider?

In addition to water pressure or the maximum head, the power of the pump, a dry run protection and self-suction height are also important. Pay attention to compatibility of accessories to the domestic waterworks.

How does a domestic waterworks work?

A pressure pump transfers water from a water connection to the domestic waterworks. Through various mechanisms, the water pressure is kept constant and can be regulated at the tap.

What is a domestic waterworks?

A domestic waterworks ensures that water is supplied from an extraction point to sanitary facilities, the kitchen or the garden. In addition, a domestic waterworks regulates the pressure of the water.

Domestic waterworks: what capacity?

From 2000 liters per hour to 6000 liters per hour, there are different models. The higher the maximum capacity of the amount of water to be transported, the higher the total power of the domestic waterworks.

Which pump for domestic waterworks?

A jet pump is required for domestic waterworks, and a power of 1200 watts or higher is recommended.

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