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  7. The Best Sellers Of Petrol Lawn Mowers – Guidebook

The Best Sellers Of Petrol Lawn Mowers – Guidebook

The Best Sellers Of Petrol Lawn Mowers – Guidebook

The selection of gasoline lawn mowers is large. To make your purchase decision easier and to give you a better overview of the different models, we have taken a closer look at the gasoline lawn mowers and compared individual products. In our product recommendations, we have compiled the best models for you. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these petrol lawn mowers.

The Best Sellers Of The Petrol Lawn Mowers

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular petrol lawn mowers for you.

Checklist For Gasoline Lawn Mower

Checklist Petrol Lawn Mower

  • When buying a gasoline lawn mower, pay attention to the noise level of the device. This is usually indicated in the product description.
  • By law, a maximum value of 94 – 103 decibels may not be exceeded.
  • Loud lawn mowers may only be used on weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Loudness levels above 85 decibels can cause serious hearing damage in the long run. It is advisable to purchase additional hearing protection.
  • Depending on the area for which the lawnmower is intended, various factors should be considered
    Cutting width, catch bag, weight.
  • Lawn mowers have different cutting widths:
    A small cutting width of about 40 cm is ideal especially for small lawns and the lawnmower is easier to store.
    A large cutting width means that mowing large lawns is faster.

  • The associated and usually not replaceable catch bag can hold different amounts of grass.
    For smaller areas, a 40l catch bag is perfectly adequate here. The larger the area, the larger the collection bag should be.
  • Some devices also have a mulching function. Here no catch bag is needed since the mowed grass is ejected in small chopped pieces. Depending on the model, the ejection takes place to the side or to the rear.
  • The weight of the lawnmower is usually around 20 to 30 kg. For smaller areas, the weight is rather secondary. However, the longer the gasoline lawn mower is to be used, the lighter it should be to allow comfortable mowing.
Height Adjustment
  • Some lawn mowers have a height-adjustable handle to allow people of different heights to mow.
  • The cutting height should also be adjustable to allow for different heights of mowing. Some units offer a 5- or 6-stage height adjustment here.
  • Most lawn mowers have an additional rear-wheel drive.
  • For this purpose, it is often possible to set whether the rear-wheel drive should be used or not.
  • Some models have an electric starter: here, no additional lever needs to be used to start the device, as a key is sufficient.

We have collected the best and most interesting petrol lawn mowers.

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Current Offers Of Petrol Lawn Mowers

You can find the best current offers on gasoline lawn mowers in this list.

SaleBestseller Nr. 1
LSSOCH New 60' Lawn Mower Throttle Cable with Throttle Switch Lever Handle Kit Compatible with Electric Petrol Lawnmowers Universal Repair Kit
LSSOCH New 60" Lawn Mower Throttle Cable with Throttle Switch Lever Handle Kit Compatible with Electric Petrol Lawnmowers Universal Repair Kit
Product Name: Lawn Mower Throttle Cable with Throttle Switch Lever Handle Kit; Application Models: Compatible with Electric Petrol Lawnmowers Universal Repair Kit
$15.99 −16% Amazon Prime

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FAQ Petrol Lawn Mower

How loud can a lawn mower be?

By law, lawn mowers are not allowed to exceed a volume of between 94 and 103 decibels. If you want to play it safe and avoid noise while mowing, you should choose an electric lawn mower.

What is mulching on a lawn mower?

Mulching means that the grass clippings are not removed from the lawn after mowing, but left there as mulch. In agriculture, mulch mowing is used to add nutrients to the soil.

What cutting width lawn mower?

This depends on the area that will be mowed and the space you have to store the lawn mower. For large lawns, you should generally choose a wider cutting width to get through mowing more expeditiously. For smaller or angled lawns, a lawn mower with a smaller cutting width is better.

What kind of gasoline for lawn mowers?

Conventional models are regularly fueled with super gasoline. Newer models more rarely also allow the use of E10.

Petrol lawn mower tilt on which side?

For any cleaning, the lawn mower is tilted backwards. Alternatively, the gasoline lawn mower can be tilted on its side. It is important here that the air filter is on top.

Gasoline lawn mower what to refuel?

As a rule, regular super gasoline can be refueled. More rarely, new models can also be refueled with E10.

How does a gasoline lawn mower start?

After opening the gasoline tap and setting the cutting height, the brake of the engine must be released. Then operate the throttle lever and pull hard on the cable.

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