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The 7 Best Moisture Meters – Guidebook

A moisture meter is advantageous in various areas. It can help you in everyday life with firewood and is also absolutely necessary on the construction site to perform optimal work.

Our checklist and the product recommendations inform you about the most important purchase criteria and help you to get the best moisture meter.

Checklist For Moisture Meters

Areas Of Application
  • With a moisture meter, often called a moisture meter, you can determine the moisture of different substances. You can measure the moisture content of the following materials, for example:
    • Wood
    • Concrete
    • Screed
    • Air
  • The more materials are suitable for the particular model, the better. Some moisture meters you can use with up to 100 materials.
Measurement With Wood
  • If you are the proud owner of a fireplace, you know the problem. The wood from the hardware store just won’t light. The reason is usually too high humidity
  • Good firewood should ideally have a residual moisture of no more than 25%. This is also the value specified by law to keep emission levels within limits
  • Unfortunately, commercial firewood often has a significantly higher moisture content. It can be up to 40 %. Therefore, the use of a moisture meter is of great importance here.
Measurement On T0he Construction Site, In New Buildings And More
  • With a moisture meter you can check the moisture of building materials such as screed and concrete.
  • You can also determine the moisture level of masonry walls and plaster.
  • On the construction site, you can carry out regular on -site inspections and thus prevent possible construction defects.
  • A material moisture measurement of walls is especially necessary if you have discovered mold spores in the room.
Air Measurement
  • A moisture meter that can determine the humidity of the air is very useful, for example, when using an ethanol fireplace.
Measuring Range
  • Most devices give the values in percent.
  • However, there are also moisture meters designed for the predominantly professional field, which take a measurement in digits, 1 digit corresponds to the voltage of 0.1 volts. These measurements are much more accurate.
  • Depending on the model, the measuring ranges are approx. 0 – 85 % or 0 – 100 digits.
Penetration Depth
  • It is important that a non-destructive measurement is possible, which means that the material is not damaged by the measurement. The penetration depth ranges from 1 mm up to 60 mm.

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FAQ About Moisture Meters

How does a moisture meter work?

There are several types of devices to measure moisture. One non-destructive option is measurement by electromagnetic waves. Here, however, only a depth of a few centimeters can be measured. If you want to measure deeper, you should choose a device that is explicitly designed for this purpose. As a rule, these are devices that measure using microwaves.

How to use a moisture meter?

The use of a moisture meter depends on the type of device. Capacitive measurements are especially common, they work without damaging the material. It is only necessary to hold the device against the material to be tested. Attention: one should pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, because depending on the device the measuring depth reaches only a few centimeters.

Which moisture meter is good?

Depending on the area for which you want to use the moisture meter, the choice can vary. Use our checklist to find out which functions are relevant for you and then choose a moisture meter from our product recommendations.

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